Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Dedication Day

April 14, 2013

Abram Jeffrey's Dedication Day

We love our church family and everyone who supports Abram and our family.  We feel so blessed to be chosen as his parents.  And pray everyday for guidance in his spiritual growth.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Easter 2013

Abram: 12 months and counting

Where does the time go?  My baby has hit this major milestone and is running toward toddlerhood too fast!  

Abram at 12 months

19 lbs 29 1/2 in long

Mr. Particular about his food.  He is def enjoying food more and has his certain favorites.  But if he isn't in the mood he will NOT eat or drink any.thing. period.  
Fave foods: blueberries, bananas, asparagus, cheetos, pasta pasta pasta

Abe nurses 3x a day.  Drinks almond milk when he "feels like it" ha  from a sippie
I often discribe this babe as a monkey.  He is a active boy!
Abe took his first steps on his first birthday.  It was such a neat thing.  
Now at 13 months he is trying to run

His vocab is growing weekly.  He is saying mama, dada, mamaw, bye, hello, dis (this), up, do (dog), woo woo (woof), and possibly a few others.  

We are still working on signs with him.  Mommy spoils him too much bc I wouldn't never given in to the girls just pointing for what they want! Shame on me, but he has me wrapped!  He will point to things and say "dis", sign please and more on command (but not always).

Loves to play peek a boo and be tickled.

Abram loves to listen to music and dance.  He is not interested in tv/movies.  The girls at this age would sit through almost an entire show.  He has better things to do.

Fave toys:  pots & pans, tupperware... do these count?  And a ball.  Right now he just loves to be outside and explore.  Digs in ground and throws rocks.  True boy style.

Abram Jeffery, you are my prize.  I can't put into words the emotions from this year.  What I do know is Mommy & Daddy loves you very, very much.  Our prayer every night is you grow to know the Lord and walk in his ways.  We know you are meant to touch lives with your sweet smile and outgoing personality.