Friday, April 30, 2010


I am so thankful it is Friday. I am not really sure how we made it here, but we're all in one piece. Both the girls are "napping" (sure Ay is rolling around in bed with her books/animals). Mommy likes to pretend she is napping so I can breathe for a few minutes. I don't think that makes me a bad mom, right?

Believe me. If I don't get to breathe a few days in a row I start to be a grumpy mom. And we can't have that. So they are "napping" and I am typing.

Update after surgery. We are on day 4 and I thought we'd forget she even had it. Other moms told me it was a breeze and la-la-la. She cries unconsolably for 20 mins after her ear drops... 3x a day. Lovely. Yes, I have talked to someone about it. I don't know. I doubt I will feel grand until someone looks in her darn ears and tells me everything is ok. But, we'll see...

We've had some fun play dates this week. Its hard having a walker on my hands now. Leah is adventurous. Its cute and tiring. Though she is very smart at manuvering stairs and the like. I still hold my breath. Ay's been glad to see so much of her buddy Mere. And we even got our family pics/Ay 3yr/Leah 1yr pics taken. It was comical to say the least. My kids had major ants-in-the-pants syndrome to say the least. Plus my skirt was too tight and there were bugs crawling on our faces. ugh. But, it is what it is. And I think we'll get some cute moments from it. Brittany has her work cut out for her.

Its been great to have the rain gone for a few days. I am dreading it coming back this weekend. I love our weekends. Its the only family time, landscape time, etc that we get with all 4 of us. I was really looking forward into digging in my landscape and trying to figure out what to make of the mess the previous owners made. They seriously dug random holes and threw things in. Looks like plants vomited in some parts. Plus, we're trying to be thrifty and do everything ourselves so that means a little at a time. Boo.

I am sure this weekend will be another busy one. Hopefully a little sunshine for us all....

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Day is done. All is well.

What a day. What a day. What a day.

Glad its done. This is the first time I've been able to sit and gather myself. I guess, unless you count running to WM for groceries after dinner sans kids. As you can see above the day started out ok. She looks in good spirits for getting up so early, right?

Here she is all drugged up. Versed is a crazy one. She was so brave though. She is getting ready to go into holding. Miss Ayla was able to take boo boo bunny with her which helped.
You can tell now she is a bit out of sorts. But, she didn't even whimper when they took her.
This is her once we got back.
Let's just say it was interesting.
She hated the feeling of being drugged up. She could barely hold up her head or open her eyes, but really wanted to. Oh man. We rocked, walked, sat, read, sang, tried to watch a movie... whatever it took to get her to chill out and realize she was ok.
We finally got her to reorient and were getting discharged. She got up and walked to the door and tripped on the leg of the bedside table and mashed her head on the other leg of the table. Seriously. When it rains, it pours.
It looked awful! Family pics tomorrow, too. Woo.
Tomorrow is another day. I am greatly looking forward to start new. The sunshine.
Thank you for all your thoughts and prayers. I definitely felt surrounded.
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Monday, April 26, 2010

All that is wrong in this world....

Yesterday morning I somehow found time to sit and watch the Early Show. They were doing a piece on how women who wear sweatpants ruin their sex life.


I looked down.... I was in my sweatpants.

I love my sweatpants.

Wishful Thoughts

Wishing the weather was not so down and dreary. So we could do more of this...
We sure have some good helpers on our hands. Its nice to see Miss Ayla get involved with us around the house. She especially likes to do stuff outside. She has her own tools, gloves, etc.

But she truly is our princess. She loves to dress up, doesn't like her hands dirty or her clothes wet, requests a bow in her hair daily, and has sat still to have her nails done since she was a wee one.

Tomorrow our lil big girl will get her minor surgery done. We aren't nervous a bit. That says alot if anyone knows me! Ha. I am a worry wort. I just don't want her to be scared and to be pain free. Not too much to ask for?

So, if you're not too busy tomorrow think of us early am. I ask you to pray for the doctor, Ayla to be not be scared, and a safe travels to and from. I am confident all will go well and hopefully she'll be bouncing around by the end of the day.

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Go Speed Racer...

Ayla was 13 mo old before she walked. Leah on the other hand has hit physical milestones earlier and with grace. So it was not too surprising when she started walking right after her birthday. This is the baby who rolled over at less than 2 mo old. Really.

We've progressed from walking to running. She is fast and funny. Still very much like frankenstein, but that's not stopping her. She's quite proud, I think. And we are too. Ayla goes up to her friends and says, "Look she can walk like you".

But this newfound skill is keeping Mama on her toes. She will tackle Ayla or grip her for support. Poor Ayla is gathering some scratches. She is way to passive to even protect herself. Leah is curious so I am constantly opening my tupperware or baking cabinets to keep her away from the stove. At 13 mo I remember distinctly being able to tell Ayla "HOT" and "back" and she'd listen and stop. Not quite convinced Leah will react the same way.

She's been hearing the word "No" alot lately. That is evidenced by her continued repeating of the phrase "No no no" while wagging her finger. This may be cute for some. Not so much for me. She doesn't respond much to me telling her no. I (sorry) raised my voice and said "NO LEAH" to see how she'd react..... she laughed.

My little stinker... oh how I love you.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Its gone. I sit here late on Sunday night squinting to remember what I did yesterday. Ah-yes Britt, Jess and I took a very interesting trip to Jasper Saturday way-to-early am. On the hunt for good deals, instead we found ourselves getting scolded by old men, near death experiences in the car, and a bust consignment sale. We hosted small group this evening so I am tired and my house is cluttered, smelling of food. I should really get on that, but luckily this rain gives me an excuse to stay in and wear my sweatpants... I mean clean in high heels and pearls. :)

Another wild week is ahead. Im getting fairly used to it. And looking forward to the weeks ahead. We're planning another birthday party, Ayla's myringotomy(tubes), dance open gym & try outs, gearing up for some more fun stuff for the weeks ahead.

Allergy season is in full gear at our house. Tired, watery eyes sometimes with green boogs. Runny noses. Hacky coughs. Always awesome this time of year. I do hope that once the tubes are in a bit of the discomfort that comes with this junk will be past us.

I am not nervous about the surgery. I know she is in good hands and it is a very common procedure. I am, however, nervous about explaining to Ayla what & why things will take place on Tuesday. Also, those who know my Ayla know she is very shy, cautious, and a bit anxious. Poor girl. We have to laugh sometimes because she'll shutter when scared of something as simple as going down Britt's stairs. Seriously. Its sweetly pittiful. So I am saddened by the thought of her being scared as they wheel her away. Thankfully, both those things we will survive doing.

Miss Leah is crazier than usual. She is walking 80-90% of the time. And loving it. She's finding her voice and now I think feels a bit too cool. She can holler and walk around just like one of us. I seem to take for granted the simple things that are so amazing. Like being able to walk and dance.

I promise to get an update on pics soon. I promised a video so hopefully I can get on that as well? Who knows.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Caught up in it...

Some days seem like a whirlwind. I lay my head down on the pillow at night and I wonder where it all went and squint to think what I even did after breakfast! Heck, I have weeks like this.

A whirlwind.

It started last night. We picked up our nephews to take them out to eat (this was supposed to be our date night- with a babysitter- oh well). We sat down and I noticed Ayla seemed "droopy". She asked me to switch seats to be next to her. Tears streamed down her face for most of the dinner. I texted her MD- he called and told me he wanted her to see an ENT asap. What? Guh.

Fast forward to this am.... Our awesome MD got us an apt and off we went. What we found out... Both Ayla's ears buldging, full of pus. ETC. Tuesday am Ayla will be getting tubes placed.


I broke down a bit (in the car). Thankfully, I have a smart friend that reminded me even when things seem like a whirlwind things could be much worse. Though things are crazy at times I have 2 amazingly, beautiful, healthy babies, a home, food, husband, friends and family.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

We like to Move it, Move it...

... last night Leah started walking!! We can't be more proud and scared at the same time. She is only doing it about 50% of the time unless we encourage it alot. She's funny, like frankenstien-ish. :) Video to come.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Leah's special day...

On Leah's birthday we tried to stay busy doing special things for her, as a family.
We started the day with a walk with Britt & Mere and ended the day with a walk with daddy. We love being out side, especially in this beautiful weather. She was still a bit cranky from molar-itis (as I call it). Thankfully by Saturday her uppers came through all the way. Now just waiting on the lowers.
We try to take a family pic on the girls bday. All my pics from Ayla's past on the other computer, but itd be cute to look back as our family has progressed.
When we got back from our walk we let her open her special gift from Mommy, Daddy & Ayla.

Meet Leah's new friend.

So far she calls her "Ba Ba". I think she's trying to say baby? Isn't she beautiful. We had her made just for her. I found this amazing site where SAHM make these beautiful personalized dolls to spread the word of God.

Each doll is personalized with whatever scripture you want on their belly. Our hope is she has this baby forever and when she needs a pick me up she can read this and feel safe.

We love you Leah Hope. Hope you had a wonderful year!!

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Sunday, April 18, 2010

You're the best! and so on...

You all are amazing. I have thought and felt most of the advice that was given, which makes me feel better about things. Sometimes I just need a kick in the pants to remember I am doing ok... I mean, c'mon I have great kids! :) I do. They make it easy on me most of the time.

As for everything else. I know it will fall into place. Jeff and I definitely decided on waiting til 4 to put Ayla in preschool partly because of most of your reminders. Its hard making decisions for the first time, especially on something so big. Its nice to know Im not alone out there.

This weekend has been great. We did alot of little things around here and just spent time as a family. Its been very rejuvinating, minus the lack of sleep due to molar-itis. Poor Leah wakes nearly every 2 hours in pain or runny nose. Blech.

This week is shaping up to be a whole lot of little projects.... landscaping, hanging molding in Ay's room, getting back into a exercise routine, keeping my 2 nephews overnight (feeding + caring for 2 school aged kids- getting up early for school, etc. I am so out of my league!), and hiring a babysitter for the first time Ever!!

Hopefully, I'll get some pics up soon. I have a few from Leah's actual birthday with her special gift surprise. Happy start of the week.....

Friday, April 16, 2010

Things on my mind...

I have been sorting through Mommy issues lately. This week has been a stressful one for myself. I know I bring alot of stress on myself with my personality. But, with sick kids, sinus pressure, to-do lists not being done, gi bugs, cutting molars, no exercise, and discipline issues. Im tired.

I am looking for good, honest advice. Please.

Preschool. When? How? Why? Ok, no why... but howwwwwwwwwwww? I have often tried to work with Ayla on "preschool-ish" stuff. She shows interest and that is often lost by like 5 mins into an activity. That has since pushed me away and we have neglected it. We stopped doing crafts and everything. I know. I am a bad Mom. We made a decision for me stay home so I could do this stuff with her. Ugh. I get frustrated, I want things so so. I am a nurse not a teacher. Jessie, help me out! ha I know that I need to choose my time of day better and be consistant every day. What next? If she doesn't respond do we do a early preschool program?

Leah is crazy. I have weaned her down from her am bottle and I know she misses it. I kills me. She pushes away her milk cup in the am and frustratedly rolls around in my arms and signs "drink". Doesn't cry, but shrieks. She wants it. I know she'll be fine. I rarely give in on things. She eventually takes her milk and eats breakfast. But, it doesn't stop there. Lately, she's been more physical. Like swatting. She is trying to tell us something. But, I don't know. I assume its bc her mouth is full of swollen gums where her molars will soon be. But, its crazy. I dont know how to discipline a 12 mo old. And I like to be consistant. Its killing me.

I guess it may seem little to some, but I try to take my SAHM job seriously. I want to know that I made a difference being home. If not, what's the point. I trust all you Mama's so much. I see all your kiddos grow and thrive and couldn't be more proud to be able to witness it! Thanks for listening...

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Leah Hope: 12 months

Leah we are so proud of you. You are such a sweet, smart, happy, funny, caring, brave, loving, wonderful child. So different than your sister yet you two are perfect together.

Leah Hope at 1 yr old is...

taking independent steps, but not totally walking. Walking on her knees because she knows there is a "better way" to get around than crawling.

repeating words when asked. Talking more and more each day. Words used frequently... mama, dada, dat (that), keCat, more, dog (sounds like dough-g) followed by woo woo (woof, woof), done (when signing "all done"). Infrequent words used... ay-a (ayla), pa-pa (papaw)

Claps and laughs when others are doing the same. Is very physical, which is completely oppisite of Ayla. Kinda a bully, but I hope its only bc she doesn't know her own strength yet? Loves to dance and if music is on watch out!

Knows some animal sounds. Roars for dinosaur. Woof, woof for dog. m-ow (meow) for cat, wak wak (quack). Doesn't always do them on command, but definitely knows them and does them in her own time.

Points to objects and says "dat" when wanting something. Will hold up a "one" finger when asked how old she is. Signs she knows and uses- "more", "please", "eat", "drink", "up", "all done", "duck".

Favorite toys: loves balls, kisses on baby dolls, tupperware

Sleeps through night 12 hrs. 8pm-8am. Napping twice a day for 1.5hrs each. Mommy or Daddy rocks her down til drowsy, but she does sleep with a paci.

Eats like a piggy. Loves food and trying new things. Has a very good, balanced diet. Enjoys all fruits/veg that we've given. Breads/grains are her favorite. Feeds herself 95% of the time. Weaning down to 1 bottle a day.

Wearing size 12-18 mo clothes. Size 4 diaper. Don't know weight yet. I am guessing 22-25lbs!

Moved to a big girl car seat last week! Ayla thought it was very cool.

Has 8 teeth. Cutting her molars right now.

Socially she is so smiley around strangers. Every once in awhile she lets them know they are "too close" Which Mom is happy, because there is alot of question marks in this world :) She is definitely still a Mommy girl. But very much loves her daddy and sissy too. If Mimi or Mamaw are around they get the best snuggles of all!

Leah is a cuddler and snuggler. She give the best hugs. The kind that wrap her chubby little arms around my neck. With sweet, long closed lip kisses. Sometimes if Im lucky she even puts her head on my shoulder and pats my back as if to say she loves me.

Thankful Thursday: Happy 1st Birthday Leah Hope

My world was forever changed the day you came into our lives. We now knew what it meant to teach the love of siblings to Ayla. We saw the proudness in her eyes when she held you that first time. There was not an ounce of jealousy- only pure love.

Happy 1st birthday my sweet girl!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Leah's Sweet Shoppe

Well, its over. All that planning. All that stressing. All that time. And it was over in a flash. It was a great party. We didn't have as many people as first thought come, but it was nice to have our close family celebrate this important milestone with us.

I didn't take as many pictures as Id like for a couple reasons, 1. I am not a photographer 2. I am only one woman and like most Mothers- I did most of the work (ha- my hub helped ALOT) 3. I told myself to just cherish this time camera or not. Though I think I got some great memories captured...
Leah's Sweet Shoppe

Our sweet little 'one' turns 1!!

We had cupcakes, fruits, chocolate dipped strawberries, and a candy bar. So Yummy!

We could not have asked for better weather. It was amazing!

We played outside and took wagon rides.

Leah hasn't had a whole lot of sugar. A few sneaks of cool whip and fruits. But, my little piggy loved her cake! ha It took her a bit to get into it. I had to dig down and show her there was more than icing. Eventually she figured it out and leaned over and snuck a cupcake off the stand. I figured it was her party....

We scrubbed up a bit in the bathroom and then opened some gifts. She wasn't too impressed with opening anything. I thought she'd love the paper, etc. Nah- But, she got lots of pretty dresses, a ball, and some new babies. Also, Ayla picked her out a new babydoll for the bath tub.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Be still my heart... why do they get so big?

PS. Brittany is THE best. Really. And my best friend. :)

The good, the bad, & the ugly

I thought coming back from our trip would be a breeze. Loving on the girls and refreshed ready to get things accomplished. Hm.

Good: Leah has taken independent steps every day since we've gotten home. It is so exciting. I haven't yet caught it on tape/film because Im encouraging and jumping up and down. Proud Mama, that's me!

Good: I thought Id share my awesome find in Mexico. I got the girls these beautiful, handmade dresses. Precious linen dresses... for $16!! Seriously. These would be at least $50 in the states. Though this find is offset by my "stupid american" moment when I charged sunscreen to our room for $27. Nice. I didn't know the conversion rate.. ugh.

Bad: I haven't exercised for 2 weeks. I was making headway. My pants were loose, my belly shrinking. My energy up. Then stress hit and I stopped. Its totally my fault. But, I am having serious issues getting started again. My belly is expanding and pants back to just 'fitting'.

Ugly: Ayla got sick. Real sick. We got into the MD Tuesday for her ears. She has a bad double ear infection. On the way to drop of scripts she throws up. I get her out and clean her off (take off her dress hug her, etc). She throws up again. I repeat steps. Get back in car- unfortunately we still have to get meds so off we go. I pull in to get her a sprite, as we waste time, and she throws up again. The rest of the day is full of potty trips, no food, little fluids, and lots of tlc.

One more good thing is I am almost done with Ayla's room. Here is a sneak peak. Still need stuff on walls, chair rail, more pillows, etc. I am also on the hunt for a book shelf option.

Right now I moved her old bookcase into her closet. We are fortunate to have deep closets in all the rooms. She thinks its kinda neat in there. She laid in her closet and pulled the curtains earlier. I was cute bc Leah thought she was playing peek-a-boo.

UPDATE: Ayla is better. Leah got a bit of it yesterday and is since better also. Thanks for your concerns. And I am way sad that AI didn't kick off Big Mike last night. Sad. That's it.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easter 2010... sorta

We were traveling home on Easter. So we didn't get to see the girls egg hunt, talk about "Jesus rising up" (as Ayla describes), put them in their dresses and white shoes, or eat endless amounts of yumminess that accompanies my family dinners.
They did do all those things.
We left our hotel around 12- flew out at 2 Mexico time. In the air for 2 hrs. Add a 2 hr layover in Dallas and then another plane ride PLUS drive home from Louisville.... it didn't seem much like Easter to me.
Monday morning I gave the girls their Easter baskets full of fun goodies. They enjoyed their stuff, but Ayla started acting a little clingy. More on that for another post. My plan was to do our own egg hunt but its gonna rain and Ay is under the weather. So, I doubt that will happen.
But, Easter 2010 came and gone. I won't be missing much for awhile with my kiddos. We are very glad to be home as a family. We are in full birthday mode- decor and candy strewn everywhere. I finally finished Ayla's bedroom tonight (painting- not decor). Praying to be illness-free by this weekend. Hope your week is going well...
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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Hola Anniversary....

In our first year of marriage we talked of our lofty dreams of traveling the world. All over the world. The only fears come from being stuck on an airplane for 20 hours! Ick. Regardless, children do change things. Mostly for the better if you ask me. But, traveling is not a priority as once thought.
We did say no matter where we are or what stage of life we are in for our 5 yr anniversary we will take a trip. So we did.

Cozumel, Mexico

It was absolutely breathtaking. Relaxing. Unlimited Food. Plenty of Sun. No adgenda.

I took some pics. I didn't really carry my camera on me all the time. Just wanted to detach. If you know what I mean? This was taken on our anniversary night before dinner. Aren't we cute. Don't get baby ideas either. A nice honeymooning couple took this picture for us on the dock at sunset. I pushed his hand off my belly at least once. But, he kept putting it back. I didn't want to say anything to him, because I didn't want to scare the honeymooners!
This is my husband professing his love for me in the sand. A heart with an arrow pointing to me as I shoot the picture. Oh yes. He's a keeper. Though I probably told him to profess his love... Tomatoes, Tomatos.
I do have more pictures to share. But, thought Id give you a taste. Since I know most of you just look at the pictures and not read this. Once we get our snorkelling pics back I'll post more and a few stories... hopefully that's ok with you.
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Monday, April 5, 2010

We're back... did you miss me?

You may or may not have missed me. I will just pretend like you did... don't tell me otherwise. We are back from our trip to Mexico. It was Amazing. Truely. All reports were great from back at home and I was actually able to let go of my rein for a few days to relax.

We got into town around 130am. We picked up the girls and rocked and kissed them for minutes. Those minutes seemed like forever. They felt so Big. I just prayed they still needed like before. The day so far proves that they need me just as much as before. Lots of snuggles, a few boundries being tested, a couple first steps made. Its been a great day.

Some things that happened while we were gone....

I got to take several pictures with my husband. This is rare because I am always behind the camera and my girls are always in front of it! :)

Leah's hair has grown SO much!

Jeff and I got some sun. I feel bronzed and I like it.

The weather was about the same in Cozumel, Mx as it was in Washington, In.

My days were spent getting up early and walking on the beach, eating awesome food, laying on the beach or the pool or my terrace and sunning, reading, and relaxing.

The girls spent time playing with cousins and grandparents.

Leah has taken a few steps today to her daddy and myself! I am sure it probably happened while we were away, too, but we won't talk about that.

After tons of 12hrs of traveling yesterday. I am tired. Jeff got the girls up early today so he could see them before he left. I wanted to update a couple things in the middle of laundry, cleaning, and planning Leah's party.

I will post on the girl's time away and our anniversary trip with pictures soon. For now I am going to take advantage of the quiet and lay out dinner.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Friday, April 2, 2010

Happy Anniversary

For Five amazing years I have been married to my best friend. I pray each day we will continue to grow closer together to always been friends and partners in life. I love you very much my hunky husband.