Sunday, January 31, 2010

Quite the Weekend..

Well, this turned out to be quite the weekend. Really much better than I thought. Especially after Friday drained us. Saturday, I had another competition. Thankfully, this one was smaller and close to home which everyone loved. We had a good crowd supporting us and it showed.

Our team took home first place and so did our solo-ist Brenna. Im sure gonna miss my Brenna. She is a senior this year and a leader on our team. We were so jazzed up. Definitely a high I needed. The girls too. We are celebrating over pizza tomorrow. YUM.

I was a very proud Dance Mama (Coach-whatever).

I wish this wasn't so blurry. I really needed to switch my settings, but in real life you just can't have time to switch your settings. Well, at least not in my life. Miss Brenna and her excited parents.

I love these girls... way too much. How could you not?

This was the only pic I got of Ayla watching the dancers. She Loved coming to the competition... so many tutus and sparkles, loud music, dancing, and food. All her favorite things. I wish I had taken time to take a couple pics because both my girls were in attendance and that doesn't get to happen much. I was so happy!

Today after church we dropped the girls off with Jeff's family and we ran up to see my Grandpa. He physically looked good, but maybe emotionally spent. Us Cosby's tend to be emotional. Plus, who likes asking for help? Really, especially when you're 79! He's a change of pace and I don't know if he is doubting himself, but I know he can do it. He was asking for me before I got there so I am very glad I made it. I love my Papaw :) We left so he could rest and reflect. I had to kick my grandma out, too. hehe It was nice to be out with my hubby for a bit too. We ran over to eat at a cool new place called "Stir Crazy". You pick your own stuff to be stir fried up in front of you... pick your meat, veg, sauce, spices.... its crazy good.

Like I said, I have had quite the weekend. A bit rollercoaster-y. But, Im ok with that. Im ready to start the week fresh and hopefully at a better pace.

Im going to keep thinking happy thoughts....

Friday, January 29, 2010


I am home. Exhausted. Thankful. Mindful of my blessings, health, family, etc.

Today was an interesting one. I had many intentions of updating you all from the waiting room, but it seemed we were pulled in alot of directions. Which was nice because we didn't have a lot of time to sit and think.

Early (early, meaning roosters aren't awake) we went into his room. My grandpa sitting up, pale in color, a bit anxious was so happy to see us walk in with little Leah. We surrounded the room with many family members and covered him in prayer. I could tell he was so proud of his family. The last things I remember him saying was "support your mother" (meaning my gma) and "I am not worried. My Lord is with me."

The rest of the day is a blur... breakfast, naps, lunch, waiting, waiting, waiting. And a few stressful texts from Brittany about Miss Ayla and her Awful day!! (that's a whole other story) The hospital was very good at letting us know updates on the progress. It is a very extensive and lengthy surgery. He ended up getting a quadrouple bypass with a new aortic valve (cow's -I think). We were able to see him- but not talk to him or touch him. He was still under sedation and on the vent. Color good, some swelling, and signs of waking.

We are home now. Too tired to go to the game. Ate dinner, snuggled the girls and watched a movie. Tomorrow is another day I am thankfull for my Grandpa, my life, my family, Brittany, my dance team, and for all of you wonderful women praying for a man you never met... Thank you.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Occupying my brain...

Today I have tried to occupy my brain with lots of things. I guess to relieve my stress? Or to not think of things currently stressing me? I feel like I have said that alot lately... "Im stressed" or the big one "Im tired". Oh yes.

So here is what has occupied my attention today.
Sweet girl with their first true pony.

I repurposed a table to become a true activity table for Ayla. Really easy.

Worked on spelling (outloud) and writing "Ayla" with Ayla.

Went to CVS to pick up prescription and goodies for my grandma. Even though they called my script in a week ago.... guess what wasn't done? I didn't want to wait so another trip is in my future.

Went to our DJ and finished mixing our dance music for the second time this week.

Sang silly songs and ate lunch alone with Ay while sissy napped. Our current fave is "Apples and Bananas" she sounds so cute singing with me.

Took a hot shower.

Folded lots of laundry.

Set up Babysitter Britty to watch Ayla tomorrow while I go to Indy for my Grandpa's surgery.

Did any of this help occupy or destress my mind....



Update: Just got a call that they moved my Gpa's surgery up to early morning. Please keep praying....

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Prayers Please...

I got a phone call today that I assumed would happen sometime sooner or later. My grandpa went to the hospital last night because he wasn't feeling right. And today had stent placement with open heart surgery and valve replacement on friday scheduled. He came out of his stent placement well and is taking it all in.

Jeff and I often talk about how lucky we are to still be able to spend time with my grandparents. I love my grandparents. They were a big part in raising me, I spent alot of time with them and hope my children get many more years to play, laugh, and love on them.

If you could please send out some prayers our way. I am just trying to take it all in right now. I know it is not in my hands the outcome. I just pray he is comfortable and not anxious. My grandpa is a very Godly man and he knows who is on his side :)

Sunday, January 24, 2010

What's going on...

Another week gone. I tell you, it seems as if time if flying away. It makes me so sad. My girls are growing like weeds and changing every day. Ayla seems to be more like a big kid now. Miss Personality is becoming more independent and very talkative. Leah on the other hand is quite the oppisite. She is a-tach-ed to ME. Really. She will not let me hand her to anyone. Well, she'll go to her grandparents and Jeff... but even people she sees all the time. Its weird. And it bothers me because I want her to be more socially aware. Ayla started this way and she tends to be a shy girl. Only time will tell I guess?
So what did we do last week.... and what do we plan to do this week?

Mon: I threw out Ayla's paci. As previously seen. She hadn't used it or asked for it for several days. So I went ahead and ended it... it was kinda sad. She has not mentioned about it once since. It blows my mind because it was such a big deal....

Tues: Felt really down. I dread these long winter months. I mean would it be so bad to get a couple days of sunshine? Made a commitment to start a new workout routine. Thankfully a friend decided to join me and we've been doing really good ever since! One week down...

Wed: Playgroup was at our house. We had a huge amt of people here. Wow. It sure has grown by leaps and bounds. Im serious, there had to have been 10-12 moms with 1-3 kids each! Phew. Libby kept mentioning grabbing my camera, but I thought it would only add to the chaos. We should try to capture it soon though.

Thur: Carissa came and did our first official day with "Biggest Loser: Cardio" wow...

Fri: Dinner out with the family. Our girls are getting to be so funny with two totally different personalities! I love it. :)

Sat: Dance competition. Phew. Long day, scored poor- but ended well.

Sun: Ayla loves Sunday school. She keeps saying "Jesus in my heart".... melts me.

Now we started a new week... I started a new color matching game with Ayla. She is doing great with it! Hopefully, we can do more this week... keep the house clean, work on colors and numbers with Ay, Leah is cruising :) YAY I have dance practice every single day this week. Preparing for the this weekend- another big competition.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Thankful Thursday: Count Your Blessings A-Z -C

Thank you, LORD for our many blessings....

Courage. This word comes to mind when I think of soldiers, missionaries, and teachers. You guys are amazing.

Crafts. I love to do crafts. I am the woman with a propetual project. There is always something I want to do or wish I could do or plan to do. I think its a good thing. I hand embroider shirts/gifts for my children (and others), make clippies for the girls, paint and repurpose furniture, and love to paint rooms & move furniture. i am currently reorganizing and revamping our playroom... a vital part of our home. ha Painting dressor, painting rocking chairs, and adding storage.

A shirt I recently made for the twins bday

My Cat. Lucy. Silly cat. She lets the girls get away with a lot. More than she should, maybe? She sleeps with me everynight. Kinda annoying, but its sweet.

Courtney. That's me. Thank you Lord for breathing life into me. For sending your son to die on the cross so I could to be forgiven.

Creation. God created the heavens and earth and every living being in 7 days. And he had a whole day to rest.... I can barely clean my house in a week! God IS good!

So Long Dear Friend....

Monday, January 18, 2010

What we've been up to (aka: picture mania.)

This post is jam packed with a couple things we've been up to lately. So be warned, pictures overflowth. I concider that a good thing though. Dance season starts getting hairy this time of year. Meaning I am gone most evenings just as Jeff is coming in. Thankfully, I have a husband who loves being with his girls. This weekend was the last one for a bit without a competition so we took advantage of it.

Birthday Boys: Jackson left Noah right

Getting ready for a fun afternoon....

Saturday afternoon we drove over to Indy area to celebrate my lil cousin's 1st birthday. I can't believe it has been a year. Kerri and I were happily pregnant together. I love her to death! The boys are getting too big. The party was at a recreation center with the coolest children's play area. My girls were in heaven. I was no too excited about seeing myself in a bathing suit white as a ghost and chub galore. But, it was completely worth it to squeeze my lil chunk into a bikini for the first time and watch Ayla splash for hours!



The boys in the water. Jackson didn't seem like himself. He was NOT having it!

But Leah WAS! She's gonna be fearless, Im sorry to say.

We had a blast. Did a little shopping and grabbed dinner before heading home. Sunday they officially announced our church was getting a new teaching pastor. We are so excited about him and his family joining us! Ayla loves her Sunday school class and learned that Jesus was in our hearts. We will try to build on that this week. Id like to incorporate more teaching time than just as night with her Bible. This Sunday was also Leah's first day in the nursery. She did fine. Mommy on the other hand cried. And checked on her twice. *sigh.

Sunday night we had some family time and Leah decided she wanted to climb the stairs by herself. So that is what she did. (With Daddy's supervision, of course)

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Leah Hope: 9 months and her public

I can not believe that my baby is 9 months old. What? That is nearly a year old- which means walking and talking soon, a big party, and the end of another chapter in all our lives.

She has such a personality. Its contagious. She loves her newfound freedom in movement. She has mastered moving all around the house on her belly. Pulls up on almost everything. Loves dancing and jumping.

She seems to think she has a public driving by wishing her happy 3/4 bday.

She graciously waves to her people....

And, of course, sends kisses their way.

Miss Leah at 9 mo is....
moving all over the place.

loves music. Claps and bounces with anything musical.

19 lbs. Wearing size 3 diapers & 9/6-12 mo clothes.

Still very attached to Mommy. But lights up at the sight of Daddy.

Loves to feed herself anything. Kinda difficult to spoon feed at times. I realized her age when she sat and ate dinner with all of us that consisted of roasted chicken, mashed potatoes, green beans and a roll.

Pulling up, but not yet cruizing. Can sit back down from standing position.

Has enough hair for a wee lil pony.

Consistantly uses the sign "more" when she likes our singing or dancing. No new signs this month. Bad Mommy!

Her words right now.... Mama, Dada, Buh buh (bye and waves). She has started inflecting. Having little conversations with herself. Everything is DA. She will say Da as a matter a fact and then I will mimic and she'll look at me and change her tone Daaaa. I will change my tone and repeat. So cute. She thinks she's really saying something. Da. Dadadadaa daa. Da.

Now has 6 teeth total. Top 4 finished dropping this week. Kinda looks like a vampire bc the inner ones came up second.

Eats everything, everywhere. Reminder: I need to vaccum.

Perfectly, perfect in every way.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Thankful Thursday Count Your Blessings: A-Z- B

Thank you Lord for your many blessings.

Best Friends. Ayla has such great friends. Too many to count. I feel so blessed to watch her interact at playgroup with all her lil buddies. Its so cute. Two in particular are her besties. She has grown up with Lanie from the beginning. You think they were cute then.. wait 13 years and I am fearful for their daddy's! Miss Meredith is her other besties and currently asks to see her daily. I would oblige, because I must admit I do like spending time with Mere's mom just as much. These girls play so well together.

Ayla & Lanie summer 08

Meredith, Ayla & Lanie Jan 2010

Blogging. Iam so thankful for an outlet for my thoughts, a place to archive family events, and reach out to other moms.

Bath time. I love watching my girls take baths together. So sweet. For thier age difference they play great together. I let them laugh and splash while we talk about colors and numbers until they are wrinkly.

Fresh Baked Bread. The smell in my home. The sense of accomplishment it gives me. I just love to bake bread. and Baking. I love to bake. Cookies especially. Great gifts, great for my thighs. Another creative outlet. I get inspired by sites like She is SO cool!


Blue Skies.

Brain. The Lord has give us a brain to use and think and do good things with. If you were lucky enough to have studied anatomy in school, you know how amazing it is! Your brain controls everything you think, do, say, react, etc. Someone is really smart, you know. I am not only thankful for my Brain, but also my Body. That I can walk, run, dance and enjoy this great world. I have a good friend who knows how it feels to think she can't do these things. I am sure it was frightning.

Body of Christ. God sent his only son to die on the cross for us to be here. Us, sinners to be clean. It still is crazy to think of! Such a great sacrifice. And all He asks us in return is to love and honor his law.

Bible. 'Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light for my path." Psalm 119:105

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Leah has been crawling. Still gets farther and faster with her army crawling. But she moves everywhere. I don't remember Ayla being as nosy as her sis. Leah will be playing in the living room and crawl all the way to me in the kitchen and pull up to standing on my pants. So cute. She probably puts everything in her mouth along the way too.

Ayla is doing great on her nebs. Its almost like she has a little asthma. She gets very short of breath when running around. But doesn't act hurt, sick or tired. Such a trooper. She is looking very forward to her besties bday. We unfortunately will miss her party, but she'll get one-on-one time with her on her actual bday.