Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Meet Abram: birth story

Abram Jeffrey Owens
born February 26, 2012
7lb 9oz & 21in

This perfectly precious boy came into the world fast and furious. I woke up a little before 4am feeling like I could be leaking fluid. I walked, coughed, and still wasn't sure so went back to bed. I laid there and chewed my finger nails for probably 10 mins and woke up Jeff. I felt so dumb. Here I am a seasoned mom. I should know if I am in labor or not... right? Right after I woke him the contractions started and I just "knew". They came on strong and just a few minutes apart. I got up and put on make up and counted them for awhile. My wonderful little bro came over to stay with girls til the am and we were off.
We got to the hospital around 5am, water broke at 5:45 and one epidural and a few prayers later I was fully dilated. I wasn't allowed to push and my epidural allowed me no evidence of any contractions. I was NUMB! Md walked in and in one push he was born. My sweet precious little boy. We couldn't be more excited about him.
As for the events that happened next don't make any sense with the lovely birth story that I just wrote.
Little man had a very rough day to say the least.
Abram was transferred to another hospital that evening and admitted into the NICU. I am writing this post from our God sent room at the Ronald McDonald house. He is doing wonderfully now. Today was a wonderful day.
Thank you for all the prayers and well wishes!
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Sorry for the delay...

Sunday February 26, 2012 8:15am my first son was born.... Sorry for the delay! His birth was perfect, but it's been a whirlwind since!

more details later but prayers would be great. Next time I post will be pics of Abram Jeffrey Owens!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

My Funny Valentines

On Valentine's day my camera allowed me a few pictures :) They were not dressed or posed or anything, but they are perfect to me.

I love my sweet girls. Even when they are fighting or dancing, hugging or crying... I just love them.

I think they love each other too!

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Abram's Nursery update

36 wk belly

I am MUCH bigger now... like think Thanksgiving Tom Turkey. This baby has done a number on my body. Though I am thankful every day and I am honestly not complaining, just reminds me of the things we go through for our kiddos :)

Thought you all would enjoy a little update on wee man's nursery before he gets here. The pics are not so great, but serves to show we've been up to something!
I designed the shelf we built to go above his bed. It spans the whole back wall, and looks so much better in person than in pictures.

Still on the hunt for some rowing oars if anyone spies them in grandpa's garage! Other than that just a few odds & ends like a old map & some book storage. Oh and a precious baby boy :)

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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Here I am...

37 weeks today. I'd love to prove it to you with a picture but technology hates me.

It started a few months ago when I dropped my phone in the bath tub. Then dropped my laptop "just right" and lost practically 3 yrs of memories. Thankfully, I got a new phone & was able to recover some hard drive (not sure what it includes yet).

But now it's my camera. If u have noticed lately I haven't posted a lot of pics since before Christmas. My camera hasn't shuttered like it used to and has progressively gotten to the point where it rarely takes a pic when I want it to. Very sad. I love pics, love taking them, loved my camera. Of course, we have talked of upgrading for a long time. Just wanted it to be our choice!

Bought a new battery... Debating having it cleaned.... I don't know. What I do know is I'm sad!

Back to life...

Lil man has gotten a bit cozy. Which is good but making me crazy wondering if he will be like his sisters and arrive early?! By crazy I mean think about it every second of every day.

Since my last post I gained 2 lbs then lost 3. Had some timbale periods of contractions. And was 3cm & 80%on Monday.

Leah got sick the week before and was pitifully sweet. Reminded how much I love to snuggle with my baby girl! She is really growing and maturing a lot as she approaches her third birthday.

Ayla is really liking school. She is talking a lot about kindergarten, which has spurred talks on whether we I'll send her or put her in a different Pre-k program next year. We just want our kids to be confident all through school& life. It's tough. I don't like asking big decisions.

Now we wait for our next life adventure to take place. Hopefully we will be able to capture it. But we will be loving it!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Ready to POP

We got our maternity pics taken by a very sweet, very talented friend of mine a few weeks ago. After many requests from husband, Leah Robinson had to warp speed us a sneak peak or he was going to freak out! haha Thanks Leah!

We love them all so much and I can NOT wait to see them all...

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

35 wks and counting...

This has definitely been the fastest pregnancy ever! For me, that is. But, to be honest, the past couple weeks have creeped by slowly as we approach lil man's arrival. It doesn't help that for four weeks I was miscounting so I had to relive a week I thought I already had. Such is life!

As we get closer, my contractions have gotten stronger and sharper than with my girls but still irregular which is fine with me. Abram proves to be very wiggly and responds to music like he is a tiny composer in my belly!

In preparation...I have my hospital bag started, girls overnight bag started, and the diaper bag done. The nursery is close to being finished just a shelf project and a few goodies I've yet to find. Freezer madness started in January after getting 3 freezer cookbooks for Christmas! When all is said and done I'd love to makes list of everything I've put away for meals. I have one more day planned to stock up then gonna rest!

I also got rid of ALL of my girl clothes 0-2t. I traded with a friend who is expecting her first girl for baby boy clothes. Whatever was left I tagged & hung close to 100items for the spring consignment sale! Right now my goal is to make it to shop for my kids on the 10th then he is free to come after! Haha. I so wish I was joking! I feel like the more excited I get about shopping I will jinx myself and have a baby instead! ha

So far....

I have gained 20 lbs. Cravings include cereal before bed, baking, anything bread, and apples.

Abram seems to measure a little small but both girls did also. It must be how I carry my kiddos.

Contractions daily, but irregular. Only once was I able to time any consistently. Though loads of pressure!

Monday I was 1 cm dilated & 75% effaced.

My back is back! Ha It's much better but I am being really careful, ice every once in awhile, and have tried to limit picking up the girls.

We are keeping busy! My dance season is in full swing. We are traveling a lot. This weekend will be my last until Abram gets here. I have a friend finishing up our practices before our regionals. I am super proud of my girls. We have consistantly improved our scores and brought home 1st place last weekend. I pray that I get to go to regionals but, I know it may not be in the cards for me! I already have people calling me about my studio class and it stresses me out! The plan has always been to do a class right after babe is born (and Im released from md) for the recital--but right now its the last thing on my mind.