Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Good deal....

The other day I came home from dance and other things late.. my hubs moved all the furniture in our bedroom around. It looked so good! He dusted and even vaccumed.

Good deal.

While at the store, an older lady played with my kiddos. She commented on the girl's eyes and asked Ayla where she got her pretty blues. Ayla replied, "God". The lady was taken back. I was not surprised. She has such a sweet faith.

Good deal.

Leah used the potty for the first time Tuesday (Nov 30) She poopied which seems to be even cooler! Love the idea of having both kids potty trained. Though honestly, I am not even attempting to train her at the moment, waiting for something to click with her first. This may be it?

Good deal.
Super pumped that I am almost done with my Christmas decorations. Christmas partying starts this weekend for us 1 Sat and 2 Sun. Wahoo! Tis the season to be jolly, thankful, mindfull, kind, giving, humble, teaching, learning, hugging & kissing, and celebrating & rejoicing!

I Love the Holidays

I love the holidays so much. We hosted about 30 wild Cosby's over at our house this year. I was really nervous, especially when my fashionably late family decided not to bombard us until 15 mins til lunch time. Ugh. Just when I thought no one was showing up to my Thanksgiving -boom- they were all here and ALL ready to eat.

Here are some of the kids playing in the basement bathtub. This is a fave spot for kids. Who knows? We don't use it, so they may as well?

I didn't get a whole lot of pics. I tried to enjoy everyone. It was a Great lunch. One of the best meals I have had in a long time. Not to forget the great company. After a quick nap by only 1 of our family of 4... we ate once again at my in-laws. My MIL is the best baker. I say this with all intention of stepping on toes... she is the best. I litterally told Jeff if I was dying of some awful disease where I could not swallow I would still want to eat her dutch apple pie (its an apple pie with crumble on top instead of crust). Its that good.

Black Friday came early this year. My friend Jessie and I had planned this Edinburgh trip for a long time! And it lived up to our hype. :) Her sister joined our adventure... and so did threats of ice. Our (wonderful) husbands were concerned for our safety. So, they decided to join too. haha We both got sitters (thanks Arlene) overnight at the last minute and ran out the door to brave the "weather". I say this sarcastically because there was no bad weather to speak of. It rained a little as we approached our destination then stopped. We were so lucky. It was so cold. We had no lists or expectations, maybe a couple "I hope to finds.." We all got great deals. Mommy a couple cute things, the girls some deals, and Daddy some shoes. My fave deal you ask.... We only stood in one long line, only because Gymboree had a black dress coat for Ayla. We waited an hour for it, well Jeff stood in line while I shopped. So, technically, he waited. I think it was worth it. Reg $60- marked down to $31 + extra 25% off.
So worth it.

The part I forgot to mention was we shopped from 10pm to 4am. We got home at 7am.

I am tired just thinking of it.

And really ready to go back. Hmm...

The rest of the weekend consisted of transforming my house from fall to winter. For some reason this year it is taking me twice as long to get it done and put the stuff away? I am sweeping up pine needles everyday and lugging boxes in and out. Phew. Almost done, just need to finish the porch.

The girls love all the lights up and the music we've been playing.

Definitely, IN the holiday spirit!

PS Who has Christmas cards made and sent? I haven't even taken my pics yet...

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Thank You

The busyness of the holidays surrounds us. My to-do list is brimming with extras from parties, crafts, cleaning, and decorating. I can't believe Thanksgiving is just a few short days away. I love seeing all the posts about what people are thankful for.

We should be thankful for ALL things, but how often do we really acknowlege it. That we publicly say "Thank You" for anything. I am thankful for those words. To hear my children genuwinely say 'thank you' after receiving something melts me. Its simple, but those words can really change a person's day. So say 'Thanks' to someone, make their day. And most imporantly remember to take time to Thank our Lord, Giver of all life, today!

Thanks for reading.... :)

Monday, November 22, 2010

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Kinda Crafty

Things haven't slowed down but that's ok. I have been bitten by the holiday bug. I stay up late hours looking at all the amazing ideas for a crafty Christmas. Handmaking gifts, clothes, and treasures for your family and friends. It all makes me tingle.

Well, that sounds weird, but you get the idea.

In my last post I mentioned my fave designer magazines that go gaga this time of year. It seems as if they decorate every room of their home cozily and not crazily. Thus my quest began. I started out this week but making these sweet trees for my bathrooms. I have a few more to go, but need some more ribbons/texture. I also began a wreath with the same materials to hang on the doors. Bathrooms... check.

(wreath is not done... just and idea)
The girls will get a tree in Ayla's room, but I thought I would do another fun tree in our sunroom. Abby and I have been chatting on our recent craftiness (am I just making up words now?) and she does a neat tree with her kiddos and homemade ornaments. Leah is a good age to be able to do this with both girls so we'll be stringing fruit loops and getting glitter on our floor soon. Ayla's room... Sunroom... check,check.
I have more ideas swirling. Hopefully, I can share more later. I can't technically put out any decor bc we are hosting the Cosby Thanksgiving here, so fall is remaining for one more week. That gives me plenty more time to dream and drool over my next projects.
Im not only decorating my home for the holidays but my children. A gal pal of mine made these precious tutus. Oh. Melt.my.heart. Can't wait to see them in them!

PS.. 36 days til Christmas

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Fast Fall

Isn't it lovely outside? Ha This is typical fall, that we haven't been having lately. You can't be mad at a good rain. Especially when its been this long since we've had one. It makes me want to stay indoors and snuggle with my computer. I love my computer. ha Wish I was joking. Im a nerd. We didn't snuggle today though. We ran errands for dance and Christmas decor.

Id snuggle with my girls too. But they are too busy being busy all.the.time. Running around like crazy using their imaginations. They play really well together, but I break up alot of tiffs. I am sure this is normal for the amount of face time these two get! Most of the time its playing house, tea party (without cups its weird), doggy, etc. Its funny because Ayla comes up to be with leftover ribbon and says Leah wants to walk the dog. Leah walks Ayla. Ha. Totally their personalities. Ayla calls her her best friend :)

Right now its naptime. Im blogging and eating a Christmas tree cake (thanks Jen-boo) and thinking about how fast this fall has flown. Say that 5x fast! Not to say fall is over, but we are nearing the holidays which suggests winter is near. With Thanksgiving coming up next week the girls and I are learning about turkeys and thankfulness. My friend shared an awesome preschool link to activities to do with your kiddos.

So I will share it too. You're welcome. It's pretty cute. Jeff brought us home some more goodies from it today. I even have Leah partaking. Speaking of Leah- she turned 19mo old yesterday. Good thing I got her 18 mo post up! haha

In case you didn't know. I went to Vegas for my Mom's bday. It was awesome. So beautiful. I was super nervous about many different things. But was pleasently surprised at myself, my husband, my kids, my Mom, and Las Vegas. Of course, the girls def missed me and vice versa. But the trip came at the right time. Its funny how that happens!
Isn't my Mama pretty? :)
A couple days after returning my studio classes started and its going really well! So very excited. Hope to not get ran over by 7 yr olds this week though. THey are tough!
Now that we've talked Thanksgiving.. what about Christmas. I am biting at the bit to put up decor. But, I know I'll be ready for it to be down if it goes up too early! So I am in planning and crafting mode. I am currently making Christmas wreaths and trees out of forms and ribbons. Pretty cute. They will go in my bathrooms. I have a goal to try to make every room in my house holiday-ish. I doubt this will happen. Its more of a long term goal. Considering my budget or lack of full time employment wouldn't like that! A girl can dream. I look at the Pottery Barn mags and drool. Its lovely this time of year (or anytime- for that matter).
I think I've covered my bases. Hope to report in again before Turkey day!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Leah Hope 18 months

It's here. She is a year and a half old. When I say it like that it seems so big and so small. You know in the grand scheme of things- 1 1/2 isn't much. But seems monumental to this Mom. This was my fave age by far with Ayla bc it was the time she seemed to soak up so much and became a true toddler.

But, Leah has been totally different from Ayla from the very beginning. So full of energy and life, def not shy like her sister. I love that they are different- makes it fun around here. She still has her loud, intense moments, but it seems like they are less frequent. Since her vocabulary is so big, if you tell her calmly to use her words she typically stops hollaring and lowers her voice and tells us what she wants. Most of the time she yells only for your attention anyways... no patience, this one. No clue where she got that. :)

This month has flown by and in 5 days she will be 19 months old. So I better hurry up and post this!
Leah, this year and half has been the busiest, loudest, silliest, best ever... Ayla, Daddy and I love you SO much and we couldn't imagine our days without you. Thanks for the spunk you give every day.

Leah Hope: 18 months

Can now jump with both feet off the ground. This is 6 mo sooner than Ayla completed this task.
Speaking so well in full 4 word sentenses. Sometimes words are a little muffled still, but getting better.

Wearing 18-24 mo some 2T clothes. Size 4 diapers. Size 6-7 shoes. Chubby feet

Fave toy lately has been baby dolls. Pushing them in stroller, dressing, and rocking them. Sometimes a little rough with baby, too ha That's just Leah.
Will do anything Ayla does. And would follow her to the ends of the earth.

Sleeps really well through the night usually 830pm-8am. Napping once a day 2-4pm.
Starting to recognize when there are letters on objects like shirts and signs. She mostly says "P" to any letter. But its neat to see that she is recognizing what they are. Doing the same with numbers and can count to 3.

Still very much loves to dance and sing. This girl has rhythm too!

Knows most her body parts really well even the hard ones. New faves are cheeks, tongue, and elbow.
At 18mo well check: Hit all milestones 33 in tall, 27 lbs

What a difference 18 months has made on my life.... I love you.

Thursday, November 4, 2010


This is a quick recap...
my internet has been down for the majority of a week or we've been consuming with activities.
Some of you know I'm trippin' it with my mom this weekend for her birthday, so I thought I may as well get up to date on here first.

So here it goes.

We went to the pumpkin patch one last time..

carved pumpkins as a family...

squeezed in a little trick or treating...
competition season officially began...

and we were the cutest coutry bumpkin' family at our church's trunk or treat celebration!
Or at least.. I think so :)
Hope you all are enjoying the rest of fall.
Please pray for my anxieties in traveling without my family.