Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Good deal....

The other day I came home from dance and other things late.. my hubs moved all the furniture in our bedroom around. It looked so good! He dusted and even vaccumed.

Good deal.

While at the store, an older lady played with my kiddos. She commented on the girl's eyes and asked Ayla where she got her pretty blues. Ayla replied, "God". The lady was taken back. I was not surprised. She has such a sweet faith.

Good deal.

Leah used the potty for the first time Tuesday (Nov 30) She poopied which seems to be even cooler! Love the idea of having both kids potty trained. Though honestly, I am not even attempting to train her at the moment, waiting for something to click with her first. This may be it?

Good deal.
Super pumped that I am almost done with my Christmas decorations. Christmas partying starts this weekend for us 1 Sat and 2 Sun. Wahoo! Tis the season to be jolly, thankful, mindfull, kind, giving, humble, teaching, learning, hugging & kissing, and celebrating & rejoicing!


Chelsa said...

bedroom looks great! i love your bed. i'm on the search for bedroom furniture for the new house.

go leah (on going poo on the potty!).

our christmas get togethers start this wk/end too!

Brookeanne said...

Totally jealous of your bedroom set up... ok... admittedly of the whole house, lol. I just bought a potty for Claire a couple of weeks ago, but I'm afraid her pants won't stay up if she's now wearing a diaper... ha! I think this is a great age to potty train! Good luck!

Tera said...

Love your bedroom furniture too! I would have loved to have gotten a new bedroom suite...but well, our money has been focused on getting a new baby! ;) Your master room looks huge!
Congrats to Miss Leah!! Both of my girls pooped on the potty first too...not sure why? But they both trained fast and early so maybe it's a good sign?!