Monday, October 31, 2011

Pumpkin Patch 2011

One the joys of being a stay home mom is being able to pick up and do fun things with the girls. When fall rolls around I am always craving our trip to the pumpkin patch in town. Well, actually its a locally owned produce place, but they have such a neat location.

The weather had been unseasonably warm. I vaguely remember each year being chilly or rainy or both. I love to look back at the year before and see how the girls grew, but until the computer is done at the 'doctor' I will just have to cherish what I do have.

The girls loved running around and choosing our pumpkins and filled the cart for me. Id say they got a little overzealous, but that's ok.

They chose lots of colors and shapes and sizes. Mama even found some to stack --defintely my fave. And speaking of shape... this was my reflection at 18wk6days. Just about as close as Ive gotten to a belly pic lately. :) Still makes me smile though...

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Flower Girl

At the beginning of October, Jeff's cousin Amy got married and asked Ayla to be one of her flower girls. We waited to talk much to Ay about it so the excitement wouldn't wear off. But, let me tell ya, this girl was pumped. She did so good and could make a living at this! What a life!

We had a great time being with family and I love seeing all our nephews dolled up, too :) I was afraid that Leah would be jealous. But, she got alot of attention and didn't totally realize she wasn't part of the show.

Regardless, a good time was had by all!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Baking Adventures

Fall seems like the best time to stay in and bake. Sipping mulled cidar is optional, but encouraged :) I have started out with a bang! This past few weeks brought us lots of yummy goodies!!

'C' shaped sugar cookies for c-day at Ayla's school

Choc Chip pancake mini muffins

Pumpkin Sticky buns

Pumpkin Spice muffins

Here we go...

My poor blog keeps getting neglected. Here are a few catchups from the past month or so. My computer is still not out of recovery and we are in full "fall" mode. Which for this mama means baking, sweaters, windows open, projects, and dance season opening. Fall is my fave!

Teach your kids to give, it pays in the end. Gifts for a sick neighbor.
We've celebrated a few birthdays which means family & fun.

Naughty puppy!! Likes to dig in my flower pots...

Leah got a new big girl room and we LOVE it!

Lots of playing outside and park trips!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Science Time

Sometimes the best learning can happen in your own back yard. One day the girls were playing outside while I was cooking lunch. Ayla came running in puzzled. I went to check it out...


The girls thought they were very interesting. Ayla didn't want to touch them alot, but asked if we could eat them. (ew)

Leah was super fascinated though. Really into touching and exploring why & how they got in our yard.

This fall has been great for being outside and exploring!

Easy does it.

In desperate measures, I decided to unload my camera card (with 317 pics) on Jeff's work laptop. He's been kind enough to leave it with me most days, so I am not 'out of touch' with the world. In attempt to catch the blog up with my Life365 pics I am going to try to upload on blogger.

Easy does it. As to not overwhelm.

We thought it'd be funny to snap a fam pic as we all were decked out for the Colts one day. Gus gladly joined. But, I don't think he could see.

Ayla had another dentist check up. This time she went back all by herself without mama. That was more sad for me, I think. She did so good and Md gave her a good checkup!

I never thought Id be "that mom" who would put papers on the fridge, but ever since Ayla got into school its been really hard to resist!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Lots going on...

There has been plenty going on to keep us busy lately. Don't worry I have been still taking my pics and trying to keep up with my Life 365 project even though I can't post them on here or FB. I feel very odd and disconnected without being able to use my computer, printer, or upload pics.

My laptop, which if you missed it got dropped and crashed, has been running nonstop on a recovery software for what I am guessing close to 3 weeks straight. Ugh. I keep trying to stay positive bc I have no clue what that means. We still aren't trying to save anything BUT our precious family memories, but it is apparently in the back of the harddrive and its running through the hard stuff right now. Keep praying friends!

I really miss posting pics on here and I am sure you guys prob stopped reading this. I am not good at cell phone pics, but I will try to get a few on here. Just don't want to risk losing my pictures again!!

On baby news.... I am 19 weeks pregnant now! This is past half way from the point I had Ayla and right on half way from where we had Leah. That seems crazy to me. I am starting to feel lil babe more and more. Which is an answer to my prayers :) My belly is really starting to pop out and I feel bigger! I still feel good about not finding out BUT peer pressure may make me crack!! Ah

Ayla was a flower girl for the first time this weekend. It was So fun and cute and exhausting ha. She did wonderful. I hope my girls get a chance to do it again! A friend just posted this on FB for me. My lil family!!!
The Owens clan
Leah's big girl room is starting to come together and looks amazing. She was very hesitant that first night but has never had a problem going to sleep. Naps are a bit harder to get her down, but she is still on her same schedule--thankfully!!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

It happened....

Im selling this...
(let me know if anyone interested in baby girl bedding)

Because my littlest one is sound asleep in her big girl bed... in her new big girl room. (insert tear) She was pittiful. Tearful. Uncertain. But, nonetheless, sleeping.