Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Lots going on...

There has been plenty going on to keep us busy lately. Don't worry I have been still taking my pics and trying to keep up with my Life 365 project even though I can't post them on here or FB. I feel very odd and disconnected without being able to use my computer, printer, or upload pics.

My laptop, which if you missed it got dropped and crashed, has been running nonstop on a recovery software for what I am guessing close to 3 weeks straight. Ugh. I keep trying to stay positive bc I have no clue what that means. We still aren't trying to save anything BUT our precious family memories, but it is apparently in the back of the harddrive and its running through the hard stuff right now. Keep praying friends!

I really miss posting pics on here and I am sure you guys prob stopped reading this. I am not good at cell phone pics, but I will try to get a few on here. Just don't want to risk losing my pictures again!!

On baby news.... I am 19 weeks pregnant now! This is past half way from the point I had Ayla and right on half way from where we had Leah. That seems crazy to me. I am starting to feel lil babe more and more. Which is an answer to my prayers :) My belly is really starting to pop out and I feel bigger! I still feel good about not finding out BUT peer pressure may make me crack!! Ah

Ayla was a flower girl for the first time this weekend. It was So fun and cute and exhausting ha. She did wonderful. I hope my girls get a chance to do it again! A friend just posted this on FB for me. My lil family!!!
The Owens clan
Leah's big girl room is starting to come together and looks amazing. She was very hesitant that first night but has never had a problem going to sleep. Naps are a bit harder to get her down, but she is still on her same schedule--thankfully!!


Sonya said...

Yay on being half way through pregnancy:) I know it means so much to feel baby moving around. You look great!

Tera said...

I can't imagine not having the computer! Ahh! I have two at my house right now and yet I am still 3 weeks behind on posting...if that makes you feel a wee bit better?! :) Praying for the little one in your belly!