Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Here we go...

My poor blog keeps getting neglected. Here are a few catchups from the past month or so. My computer is still not out of recovery and we are in full "fall" mode. Which for this mama means baking, sweaters, windows open, projects, and dance season opening. Fall is my fave!

Teach your kids to give, it pays in the end. Gifts for a sick neighbor.
We've celebrated a few birthdays which means family & fun.

Naughty puppy!! Likes to dig in my flower pots...

Leah got a new big girl room and we LOVE it!

Lots of playing outside and park trips!

1 comment:

Chelsa said...

great pictures of such cute girls (and doggy!) :)

how'd you do those mini choc. chip pancake muffins- yumMM!!!