Monday, October 29, 2012

Abram: 6 months

Abram at 6mo:

wearing size 3-6 mo clothes, size 2 shoe
size 2 diaper

very happy, sweet personality
laughs alot 
becoming more vocal and screeching at times (ah)

sleeping a little better.  still in mama's room.  waking to eat 2x

eating some solids once a day, nursing every 3 hrs
md still concerned on his size

sitting well on own now but don't like to stay that way
learned to clap this month, waves w whole hand now

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

No words necessary...

No words are necessary for this post...
Just a fair warning of the insane cuteness that follows!  I am not sure why I ever put down my camera.  These were taken last weekend, it was perfect fall-like weather.

I love my family.  :)  I spent 4 hours last weekend finishing up photo books for the girls that I was 2 years behind on!  I am almost caught up on most of them, but still have alot of hours ahead to get myself on track.  I told Jeff the other day that I wouldn't be sad if a robber broke in as long as he didn't steal my family photos, photo books, blog books, or camera.  (or my family... of course!)  I just know that I will look back on these with fond memories of my husband and babies growing up!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Fall Happenings

Trying to get caught up is proving to be difficult as I spend my days snuggling, nursing Abram, running the girls around to their playdates, school or activities, cooking and keeping up with dance.  But I promise myself I will do it.  The other day Ayla pulled out our blog books & photo albums and made me realize a few things....

1. I don't blog enough any more.  So many wonderful memories are in our books to look back at.  Its priceless!
2. I haven't printed or put our prints in our albums since before Abram is born.  Way before (hehe)
3. Photo books are behind by 2 years!  Eekk...

So Im on it today til my eyes hurt from staring at this screen... or my family needs me.  Whichever comes first

As of late, lots of fall laziness and busyness going on.
Gus got shaved again.  I am a bad puppy mom and can't keep him untangeled

Leah's buddy Ella came over to make homemade playdough.  It was really easy and kept their attention.  I love seeing these two together :)  Especially since I like spending time with her mama.

Looks who's self feeding!  
I can't believe he is almost 8 months old!
I will be updating his milestones soon, because he sure has grown alot these past couple months!

Love his great grandma

Loves of my life.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Surprise 60th!

We successfully planned & through a surprise party for Jeff's mom.  She turned 60 this year and we needed to celebrate.  She is usually who does everything for everyone.  Not this time...

My partners in crime...

some decor

We really got her good!  It was hard though :)

So many wonderful friends & family came to celebrate with us.  She is a very blessed woman.  I loved hearing all the stories and seeing how happy she was.  It was a great time :)

Soccer Saturdays

Its that time of year where we are spending most of our saturdays at the soccer field.  Its hard to believe that next year we could have 2 out there?  Ayla is currently on a team with her bestie, Sophia.  We try to discourage their holding hands during the game.  It doesn't intimidate like it should! ha

Truth is our baby is growing up.  This tender hearted, soft girl is learning to play the game and even showing some take charge once in a while.  I am pretty proud of her.  She has really grown in her body in the last year.  She even scored 3 goals this game.

Looking forward to many years with my biggest in sports & activities.  We already know she's something special- no trophy needed.