Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

Wow. Thanksgiving this year was fast and furious. But, better than any other year Ever. I have 2 (count them two) beautiful, healthy girls. One, handsome awesome husband that lets me eat as much pie without ever questioning my motive.

Depite all the germs causing a nasty cold to my lil Leah. And eating too much. It was good. A highlight was Black Friday shopping with Jessie. We were gonna attempt midnight madness in Edinburgh, but lil Koen got sick so we settled for a quick am trip to Evansville. It was successful. Other than asking someone if she was pregnant when she wasn't. Ick. However, I got lots of stuff for Christmas and a couple things for myself.

Hope everyone else had a productive and wonderful holiday weekend.

Almost crawling all weekend! Today she started inchworming forward! Go Leah!

I have so much to update on that... honestly I forgot most of it. So you'll have to settle for some pictures instead. Probably more exciting?

The Showdown. Parker and Ayla on their trikes at Mimi & Papaws house. He looks like he is gonna ram her! Notice the sippy in her little basket. Just in case she gets parched.

Ayla and I put her very own tree on Saturday. She thought it was so cool. We had a talk about not disrupting the tree. And why we celebrate Christmas. I think she understands on her level. She keeps asking if its Jesus' birthday yet. So we're getting closer.

Ayla found some old stocking in the bins from my Christmas decorations. I guess she thought they were "real" stockings? ha

Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Big Show

Phew. Im tired. We rolled in last night around 1:30 am. But, it was well worth it just to see these girls glow. Jamfest was great. Unfortunately we were the last to perfrom so we didn't get to see anyone dance. Which is sometimes my fave part. One of my highlights was watching the minis practice. This age group is 5ish... Im guessing. But, hardcore 5ish year old dancers. I wish I could have grabbed my camera bc these kiddos wore afros. ha. Strangely cute!

My goofy group won first place. Out of one. ha Wish there were others in our category. But, that's just how it goes. However, our score got us a bid to 2 National competitions which we're wading through to decide what is best for us! Cool, right?

I love these girls. Not a whole lot more to say.

Blindfold section. Need to work to keep them on better. hahaa :)

Honk if you can't wait for dance season.... HONK

Friday, November 20, 2009


Anticipation is blinding. If I could sleep I would. But, its not really the anticipation keeping me from hitting the hay. Its my children. Sigh.

Tomorrow is my first dance competition of the year. Jamfest is a huge cheer & dance organization that gives great stage experience to dancers! We love it. Its kinda like our big welcome into the new season. I am so ready for tomorrow to get here. Ready to see the girls all in costume, holding my breath that everything goes off without a hitch- or at least not a big hitch?, and praying my kids aren't getting sick.

See last year Ayla was unable to attend any of our show due to being sick. Every time. ha. Tonight she's been complaining of her head hurting and her ear and her cheek ha She didn't nap today so Im trying to shrug it off as much. However 2 hrs now of trying to coax her to sleep and she isn't having it. She'll sleep for a short amt of time and wake. I think she may be out now, but who knows what tomorrow will bring. Leah is just getting over some allergy mayheim. Jeff is currently asleep "rocking" her. Ha. How will my children ever learn to sleep on their own? Oh well. Life is what it is. And we do love it.

You just gotta laugh.

But, good ole' anticipation is here. Pressure is on. Me and anticipation have a love hate relationship. See, if I didn't like it I couldn't coach a competition squad. However, my stomach ties up in knots. I do most, if not, all of our choreography & technique. So, ultimately if they don't look great its 50% my fault. I have some of the cutest girls this year. Very funny personalities! Can't wait to show you pics :) See, I made a school theme including handmade school uniforms, nerd hats, glasses, suspenders, the works.... Its fantastic.

Anyways, wish us luck.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Who needs a playpen?

I took these a week or so ago. If you look close Ayla still has on her hospital bracelet on. She didn't want to take it off for a long time!

Who needs a playpen?

Or a teether for that matter?

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Leah Hope: 7 months

Leah is 7 months today? What... how did that happen? This month is flying by and with it bringing the holidays closer, faster. I love the holidays.

7 months is a fun, fun age! Leah is personality overload.

Leah is 15 lbs 7oz. Still wearing 6 month clothes- almost ready for 6-9mo. And size 3 diapers.
Leah is....
Pulling up on her knees and rocking back & forth.
Loves to eat. Very interested in table food. I will soon be introducing finger foods. Eats 1/2 jar of cereal & fruit in morning and again at night. Also one jar of veg at night. Munches on snacks during day like Baby Mummums, crackers, freeze dried apples (they are soft).
Has 2 teeth, but drooling and chewing on everything in site! I think more are on the way...
So very photogenic. Puts on the extra cheese when neccessary :)

Plays with toys well. Can entertain herself well. Loves to explore new things.

Loves watching big kids play! She squeals with delight when watching friends at playgroup, Ayla, or my nephews being silly.

Still a Mama's girl.

Signs consistantly for "milk" and sometimes for "eat". Currently working on "more".

PS. I am currently obsessed with taking holiday themed pics of my girls. But don't have time to edit them. Oh well. Hopefully I will eventually find a card worthy pic of I won't be sending Christmas cards out!

Saturday, November 14, 2009


Today I had around 50 people in my house, a near anxiety attack, and pulled off a HUGE surprise party for my father in law Mike. It was great! He was so surprised. Didn't catch on at all.

We had guests from all over Indiana, as well as Alabama Ohio,and Kentucky! I know he will never forget this. Very cool.
Hope you had a great 60th Birthday, Mike!!

So Surprised!

Meeting new cousin Drake. He is just 2 1/2 wks older than Leah.

Mike and all his siblings minus Ross. Yes, there were 8 kids in his family. How cool is that?

Ridgers came to visit again!

My sweet Ayla with her allergy nose. I love fall! :)

Aunt Julie was a Huge help this weekend. My party planner in crime.

And now that my choas is over I will definitely update you with all the finished projects in our home! :)

Friday, November 13, 2009

Slow Down

We have been a little too busy around our house. Too rushed, preoccupied, project oriented.... busy. Soon I will unfold the main reason why we have been caught up in all things home related. But, until then I just want you to know, I am SO ready to slow down.

I have had many times in my life felt that certain situations were prompts for me to stop and reconnect. These times remind me of what is most important. My relationship with my Heavenly Father and my family.

Wednesday night started normal for us. Dance practice, quick dinner, home projects, etc. Bedtime however is a constant in our house. We have our routine for both of our girls and it is probably the best family time we get. Once bedtime rolled around we dropped our stuff and went up. Unfortunately the 'hurriedness' was still there. Daddy miss-stepped and crashed into the exersaucer with Leah in hand. Leah slid out of his arms and went head first into the window molding and drywall. It was awful.

So awful.

Through her cries I tried to examine her as a nurse and not as a Mommy. She had a large abrasion on her head, but not open. Her limbs were limp and her cries were quieting. A couple points in time I watched her little eyes rolls back as if she was about to lose consciousness. OH MY. I scooped her back up and off we sped to the ER. Jeff was crushed. I almost think it hurt him more than it did her. I stayed in the back to keep her awake in the car. We got her in quickly and every minute we were there she was acting better.

Thank you Lord!

By the time we saw the ER doc she was great, just hungry. He was impressed by her signing for milk at her age. That's my girl. One CT scan later and we were out with one healthy baby, 2 scared parents, and a major need for slowing down.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

So Much

I have so much to say and so little time to express it. Really. Its currently 12:33am as Im typing. I need to brush my teeth and go to bed with my hub. However, will Leah be up to eat as soon as my head hits the pillow? If I stay up late writing out all my deepest thoughts on this week's happenings would she stay asleep sound? Yes. I believe she would.

Regardless, of all the countless events, traumas, whathaveyous- that need out of my head. I will go find my toothbrush and my pillow. And pray to catch a few minutes of peace (and Thank our good Lord for guiding us through this week).

Good Night.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Ayla Joy: 2 1/2 years

My firstborn is turning 2 1/2. Why am I having such a hard time wrapping myself around that? She seems so big, yet so small. We think she is so smart and perfect for our family.

Weighs 29.6 lbs. Height around 36 in.
Ayla at 2 1/2 years...
She's shy and cautious by nature. We knew that from very early on.

She is silly. Loves to dance, laugh, tumble & sing. I try to make time to nuture all the sides to her. We love to sing- she knows almost all the ABCs and sings "Twinkle Twinkle" confidently. Could do somersault since 18mo now working on tables and crab walks. Tutu time is also still a fave around here. I can't wait til she can be in Miss Britty's class.

She is starting to be more independent. Has "selective listening" at times ha. Helps dress herself, Prays at bedtime, Harder to get to capture her smile on camera. Cooks me at least one meal a day in her playroom. :)

She has a clear and large vocabulary. I love hearing what she picks up on. My new faves are "No way Ho-hey (jose)" and "Goodness"

She loves her friends. We look forward to playgroup every week. Asks to call Mere on the phone or what one of her friend's are doing. Recognizes her friends in pictures. If it is some random child on the computer (like when Im reading a blog) if its a boy its Koen, and if its a girl its Mere or Lanie, and if its a girl with no hair its Koen also. Sorry babes....

Loves watching movies. Faves are Monster Inc., Elmo, Mickey or anything princess. Tinkerbell is big at our house right now. A movie can sit and capture her attention for a long time.

Is a fantastic BIG sister. She helps with lots of duties.... picking up toys, bringing me diapers, throwing things away, etc. She allows me the time to rock Leah asleep and entertains herself. Kisses Leah all.the.time. Asks "where's Leah" first thing in the morning.

Ayla isn't the best eater right now. But has her fave foods.... bread, peas, cheese, spaghetti, salad

She takes a vitamin every morning along with Zertec for her nasty allergies.

Ayla right eye is half brown-ish green and half blue. It is beautiful!

Asks alot of questions. Not too eager to sit down and learn. But Loves to read! Can count to 14- may omit a few unneccessary numbers. ha

Easy to redirect or discipline. Though has her fits like the rest of the toddlers in this world. I cant tell she will want to please her parents. She doesn't like to be "in trouble" and understands a warning.

Ayla so sweet. Loves to cuddle, hug, hold hands, and just be with the ones she loves. I love this about her. My tenderhearted 2 1/2 year old. Time has gone by so fast. I will try to cherish every moment we have together.

Happy 2 1/2 years My Ayla. I love you and hear is to many more years to come....

Friday, November 6, 2009

Update on the Sickies & Life

Well, I am happy to report we made it through another day. It definitely helped to read all the love and support from you blog Mommies! Thanks for that. Sleep is like chocolate around here... Im definitely craving it. With a teething baby, sick toddler, and wanting to have a little alone time I haven't found my way into bed too early lately. But, like I said we are pushing forward.

Ayla looked better yesterday. No more stridor, but cough was still yucky. And very irritable. Its hard to hear whining Honestly, Ayla gets repremanded if she whines for things (usually) because I think she is old enough to ask for something without crying/throwing a fit for it. Oh-but yesterday that was the only voice she had and I couldn't scold her. She looked pittiful. Im hoping today is a new day. She is chillin out in bed still. Cough didn't wake her up near as much as it did before! So its looking up.

We've got some major projects moving on around here. Working on giving most rooms a fresh coat of paint. Nothing new, just to refresh. Our basement is coming along quite nicely. Sorry I haven't taken a pic of it. The bathroom project I took on is actually almost done. Just need touch-ups, pretties on the walls, and Im crackling a cabinet. Hopefully that will be done this weekend.

So, the sickies are needing to go away now. We've had our fill. Time to move on to the next unsuspecting victim! Praying it won't be any of you!

Meet Parker

He is officially the busiest kid e.v.e.r!
His Mom, my sis-in-law wanted some pics as Christmas gifts for her family. It was hard. I always say my photog friends have a BIG job to do. You guys are awesome! But, I did get a couple. It was interesting. And a work out :)
I thought in honor of my mom's bday she'd like to see some pics of her first grandchild.
PS. Happy Birthday to Mimi (my mom). She is the BEST Mama ever, and one of my best friends :) Hope you have a great day Mom!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

The sickies

Man I hate when my kids are sick. Even more when I try to do all I can as a mom to protect them. Should I have not taken my girls out for trick or treating? Started vitamin C? Can a toddler take vitamin C? Why don't I know the answer? Oh, I guess its not worth looking back. Let's press forward.

But, I still hate when they don't feel good. Pittiful.

I am typing this at 9am. Just 3 hrs after returning from the Emergency Room with Ayla. Ayla has had a yucky cough for a couple days. She was swabbed for flu which was negative. She seemed to get worse yesterday. By evening I called my MD personally. We decided to treat her symptoms as if a bit of pneumonia. Which I was comfortable with. One dose of antibx later and off to bed. I spoke with my friend about her symptoms and we thought 'what if'.... what if the swab was wrong? what if her symptoms get worse? what is worse? She reminded me of the few people in Indiana that have recently lost their lives to this awful virus going around. I couldn't get it out of my mind. What IF?

When I stop for a minute and calm the million things floating through my head, I know I do not have control over the outcome. Then I should be comforted by that fact right? No, I am a worrying. I wish I wasn't. As I have gotten older, and I hope wiser, I know how to quiet my fears. But they don't go away.

I checked on Ayla frequently. She was restless and sounded awful. Her airway was so tight. By 2:30am I brought her into our bed to have Jeff listen to her to see if I was over reacting. Her temp 102.6. I held my breath, exhaled and said "Im taking her to the ER". Phew. I scooped her up and headed out. Once I got her awake her breathing wasn't as severe and I started to doubt myself. Regardless, we were there from 3-6-- was treated for croup, epi neb and steriod.

Im tired.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Baby Blues

Oh, she feels my heart with gladness!
PS. This weekend Leah started saying Mama, Dada, and Baba. So cute~
She also signs for milk and claps (with closed fists)
On another side note- Please say a quick prayer for my lil ones. Ayla started having usual upper respiratory symptoms yesterday with a slight fever. I called the MD, he saw her, and we checked for the flu. It came back negative, however I was not confident the tech swabbed her properly. Maybe its just me and I am a perfectionist as a nurse...? Anyways, I pray that it was truely negative but I don't know if you guys know there are a LOT of false negatives to the swab due to human error. Ok- end of my rank.
Story ends that we're here, ok, just want to be with our friends and family.
Not sick.
Not worrying it is more than a simple cold.
Hope you all are feeling good.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Seeing Double

Don't adjust your computer screens. Meet Jackson and Noah. These are the two lil men you prayed over last December while in the PICU. Now as you can see they are healthy and thriving little guys. Cute as can be. Very rolly. 10 months old. now. I only wish we could see more of them! Since they live up north I take any chance I can to see them, love on them, snap a few shots to hold on to.... Love you boys!