Monday, November 9, 2009

Ayla Joy: 2 1/2 years

My firstborn is turning 2 1/2. Why am I having such a hard time wrapping myself around that? She seems so big, yet so small. We think she is so smart and perfect for our family.

Weighs 29.6 lbs. Height around 36 in.
Ayla at 2 1/2 years...
She's shy and cautious by nature. We knew that from very early on.

She is silly. Loves to dance, laugh, tumble & sing. I try to make time to nuture all the sides to her. We love to sing- she knows almost all the ABCs and sings "Twinkle Twinkle" confidently. Could do somersault since 18mo now working on tables and crab walks. Tutu time is also still a fave around here. I can't wait til she can be in Miss Britty's class.

She is starting to be more independent. Has "selective listening" at times ha. Helps dress herself, Prays at bedtime, Harder to get to capture her smile on camera. Cooks me at least one meal a day in her playroom. :)

She has a clear and large vocabulary. I love hearing what she picks up on. My new faves are "No way Ho-hey (jose)" and "Goodness"

She loves her friends. We look forward to playgroup every week. Asks to call Mere on the phone or what one of her friend's are doing. Recognizes her friends in pictures. If it is some random child on the computer (like when Im reading a blog) if its a boy its Koen, and if its a girl its Mere or Lanie, and if its a girl with no hair its Koen also. Sorry babes....

Loves watching movies. Faves are Monster Inc., Elmo, Mickey or anything princess. Tinkerbell is big at our house right now. A movie can sit and capture her attention for a long time.

Is a fantastic BIG sister. She helps with lots of duties.... picking up toys, bringing me diapers, throwing things away, etc. She allows me the time to rock Leah asleep and entertains herself. Kisses Leah all.the.time. Asks "where's Leah" first thing in the morning.

Ayla isn't the best eater right now. But has her fave foods.... bread, peas, cheese, spaghetti, salad

She takes a vitamin every morning along with Zertec for her nasty allergies.

Ayla right eye is half brown-ish green and half blue. It is beautiful!

Asks alot of questions. Not too eager to sit down and learn. But Loves to read! Can count to 14- may omit a few unneccessary numbers. ha

Easy to redirect or discipline. Though has her fits like the rest of the toddlers in this world. I cant tell she will want to please her parents. She doesn't like to be "in trouble" and understands a warning.

Ayla so sweet. Loves to cuddle, hug, hold hands, and just be with the ones she loves. I love this about her. My tenderhearted 2 1/2 year old. Time has gone by so fast. I will try to cherish every moment we have together.

Happy 2 1/2 years My Ayla. I love you and hear is to many more years to come....


Lindsay said...

They look so cute in their hats! It's crazy how fast time goes by when you have little ones in the house. What cuties you have.

More Every Day said...

oh how cute their hats are!!! They are little miss sunshines! Where did you get those adorable hats? Did you make them?

Brittany said...

So cute!! Where did those years go?? My red had would look great with those. You should borrow and have me take a pic.

Chelsa said...

great post!! b takes zyrtecs for his nasty allergies too :( no fun!

Jessie said...

Ayla is a sweetie...that's for sure! Cracks me up about calling everyone Koen. Too cute. She and Koen have some major taste buds in common.....right now he could seriously live on pasta, bread, and cheese!! I better work on a healthier diet! ha, happy 2 1/2 years Ayla!! It seems like just yesterday that she was born!

Tera said...

That was always the first thing out of Braylee's mouth in the mornings at that age too.."Where's Brynna?" Is Brynna up yet?" She used to "accidently" wake her up from naptime too. ;)