Sunday, May 29, 2011

Life 365: 145

In honor of sleeping on the floor of the basement during stormy weather I made this lovely concoction.
Peach Blueberry (Heaven), I mean crisp.
It was so good. Like I licked the bowl clean. And the dish.
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Life 365

Playgroup is fun... choatic at times, but so much fun.
We have a wonderful group of women who care about our kids as much as we do theirs.
Its so nice to see our kids hanging with other cool, christians families.
Some say, you are who you associate with....
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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

80 years

We had a family party for my grandpa's 80th birthday.
I think its such a cool thought being 80 or 90 or 100.
The wisdom you gain through the years, the stories, the people you meet...
so cool.

We had a great time!

Lots of my grandpa's children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren attend.
Also brothers, nieces, and nephews.
I think he drank it up!

I know my girls love their great grandpa.
They ask to go see him and to read his articles in the paper (he is a historian).
I have always had a very special place for my gpa. And its awesome seeing my girls love on him too!
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Monday, May 23, 2011

Life 365: Busy Life

This week was really busy.
Wrapping up alot of seasons. First up was dance.
This was Ay's first season of dance and she loved it (as you can see).

This is Ms Tori- the TA. She is wonderful!
Both of my girls really like her.
This year in dance Ayla has learned to listen to instruction, to follow and lead, basic ballet skills, & waiting in line.
Im hoping this is just the first of many dance classes. Though I will not push my love on her.
Just hope it grows in her, like it does me :)

This week was also her last soccer game. We let Ayla play even though she 'techincally" wasn't old enough.
Her age did show at times, but that was ok.
She had a good time and started to learn to play 'as a team'
Unfortunately, the rain really hurt us bc by the time season started we only had a few practices and then a bunch of make-up games to squeeze in. I hope next time we play she will get to understand the value of practice and learning skills.
But we had alot of laughs and she got to hang with her pal Lanie.
Which is always a plus!

I went up in the attic and pulled 3 totes of clothes to sell, plus a couple toys and a box of shoes.
Phew. I still have 1 tote left, but that is better than 3. I made about $175+
Plus got some good deals for my girls and a couple coats for the coat drive.

Our last dance recital!
It was a great show. I am tired thinking about it though! ha
These two need to be seperated at.all.times
Even though they were separated btw 2 lines and a few girls between them Ayla and Meredith STILL "air boxed" and
shimmied to their own beats! UGh. What to do!
I may have to post a video just to share the ridiculously cute/hilarious-ness of it all.

Sunday was my grandpa's 80th birthday party.... see next post.
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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Bugs... Ew?

Since starting our landscape projects Ayla has really been "into" worms.

Yes, Ayla, my sweet little slightly nervous Ayla.

This is the worm kissing her cheeks.
You can see the dirt on the other side. Worms must be French because he kissed both sides.

We have a few insect books that we go through and this has probably sparked her interest.
I try not to show her my "ew" attitude about her wiggly friends and just tell her I don't wanna hold them!
It gives me the willies. She asked Jeff the other day what worms tasted like....
Let's hope she doesn't let us know.
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Life 365: Projects

This should look WAY different next time I share.
We have neglected to do anything landscaping in the back, well, ever.
So, I started this week.

Since I took this... lots of bushes out, dirt moved, landscaped planned, and some plants in ground.
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Monday, May 16, 2011

Life 365: Celebrations

This Saturday was my 28th birthday.
I kinda feel "old"
At least in the sense of when I was in high school saying... "She is almost 30, you know. Too old"

I had a great birthday, spend the weekend in Indy with my love.
We ate lots of great food, shopped, walked around to see the sites, and sang karaoke with friends.
It was a glorious weekend.
To top it off I came home to an endless amount of love from facebook friends and gifts/dinner with family.

My big bro the chef made me my fave meal ( homemade lasagna) and surprised me with 2 humongous pans for my freezer! My lil bro gave me a cupcake pop/donut hole maker. Be still my heart! So seriously pumped to get fat trying it out this week!

Sunday we got to see Schaeffer again :)
She is starting to open her eyes a little. You can see here. Its amazing to see God's miracles firsthand.
This little girl was still supposed to be in here mama's belly growing eyelashes. Instead she is here thriving and learning developmental milestones. God is good!

Schae has gained 1 oz yay!
Mama is out of the hospital doing well, trying to adjust.

She's the tiniest baby in the nicu right now.
Soo loved by her good nurses.
Look at that cool sign they made her!

My fave pic.
Schea's wee diaper. Not even as big as her daddy's hand!
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Life 365: 132

Praying for Growth.
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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Life 365: Flowers and Gifts

My girls really like dandalions.
Like alot.
I pretend they are gorgeous.

And I put them in the hair and sniff them and carry them around til the wilt.

Because some things are not about how they look or what they are worth...

its all about how they make you feel.
And love my girls more than anything...

I got a special gift for a special mama. I hope she likes it...
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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Life 365: 124-127

This past week was crazy busy!! Lots of dance stuff, Ayla's birthday, Mother's day, and recital weekend. But I wouldn't have changed a thing. Chaotically fun :) We are just rebooting from the weekend and I went to visit Schaeffer yesterday.

So enjoying a lazy, yet productive day of cleaning, laundry, meal/grocery planning, dance planning, blog updating and with a few moments enjoying the warm weather today. So glad the weather is starting to seem more spring-like. I pray the farmers are able to plant and provide this year!


We love fresh fruits and vegis and are so ready for summer time to hit. Id like to get some sort of a small herb/veg garden planted this week. But I am kinda doubtintg that!


Here is an updated pic of our soon-to-be pup. I am so excited! We finally announced "officially" to the girls we are getting him. The girls have heard us talk non-stop about when we get a dog. But now they know its soon! :) We told them on Ay's birthday


We snapped this up right before Ayla's first dance recital. I am so proud of her. They were all adorable!


Mother's Day 2011.... And this is as good as it gets! hehe They were not in the mood. Snapped before church bc I knew we wouldn't think about it later. We went to church, had brunch at the same restaurant we've had MD brunch at since I became a mother, Ay's recital, and then had dinner and ice cream for Ay's bday/MD. So great :)

Monday, May 9, 2011


128: I am totally smitten.
This is my new cousin... she is 1lb 6oz
and totally perfect

Mommy and baby are doing well, but still in great need of prayers. They have a very long and windy road ahead of them!

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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Ayla's first dance recital

Hopefully today was the start to many dance recitals in our future :)

A little stressful for me playing a couple differnt roles but it went well.
She was very funny. I didn't get to see her in first routine but Britt assured me she lifted her skirt and waved to the crowd ha.
During her second performance she did fine. I am kinda picky!
All the girls looked divine. Excuse my poor pics, I didn't have time to check settings- just snapped pics.

These two were from before we left. She was so proud of her curly hair and fancy digs.
We were so proud of her getting up there and enjoying herself.
Love you Ay!
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Prayers Please!

UPDATE: Baby S born this evening around 530. 1lb 7 oz Mama had a few issues in c-section, but doing fine now. Hope to hear more about both ladies soon. My plan is to visit on Monday. Keep those prayers coming. It will be a long road for both of them!

I believe in miracles.

I believe in the power of prayer.

My cousin and his wife Casey are expecting their first child, a little girl. Right now Casey is in the hospital getting prepped for a c-section. She is only 26 wks pregnant. She is going through HELLP syndrome. Baby and mama need ALOT of prayers right now.

Life 365: 120-123

Sunday: Jeff and I made a trip to eville to pick up some last minute recital stuff. And had a date. We absolutely stuffed ourselves. This is a cruddy cell phone pic of our fave restaurant with some goodies... we had sushi, fire scallops, terriyaki chicken, and I am drooling thinking about it..

Monday: My 1st two blog books came in.

They are beautiful, my picture is icky. Don't judge ha

This is exactly why I started blogging so long ago and what now will drive me to more content and continued posts! On to print 2010 and I'll be caught up.

Tuesday, I made the round trip to see a few good men and their mama.
I got so caught up in chatting and snacking with my gal pal.. I nearly forgot to snap a couple pics of this cutie. She made me a delicious salad with a ridiculous dressing. I mean, who makes their own dressing! YUM She was unscathed by having a forth boy in the house. Don't listen to her otherwise. She is a natural!
Jen makes the cutest dudes around and all come with very funny personalities,

each different from the other.
Nash wanted to snuggle the whole time, and I obliged :)

Wednesday we hung around and cleaned.
I heard "cheeeeeese" several times behind and me turned around to find this. Leah, the photog.
She was snapping pics of me, Ayla, and a few self portraits... I am guessing with a timer? ha
But really, its just my tripod she pulled out of the closet. ha