Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Leah Hope turns two

April 15, 2011 Leah Hope turned two. I know I am off a little, but I wanted to get her development post up before I got too far behind. We are so proud of Leah!

Alot has happened in a year....

I remember the day I took these... taking the yellow dress out of the closet and laying the blankets down to snap some pics of the girls on Leah's birthday. Her first birthday.

Now she's two.

The yellow dress does not fit anymore. In fact, she is nearly as tall as her big sister. But, one thing has been constant. Sisterly bond.

Ayla and Leah are great together. I know they are all they know. But, if one isn't home the other is asking "why" or "where". They play well together and fight alot! ha I couldn't have chosse two better friends- complete opposites but they unite.

Leah Hope at 2 yrs old....

Speaking well beyond her age. Communicates like a 3-4 yr old. Learning her colors and can distinguish some usually yellow and pink. Learning shapes, knows circle, heart, triangle, diamond. Can say how to spell her name. Can count to 12.

Leah-isms: Leah has lots of funny

Me: Don't do that Leah Leah: oh mannn

Me: Leah, did you potty in your diaper Leah: Nope, its good

Very tall for her age... approx 30 in tall, guessing 30 lbs ha Wears 2t-3t clothes shoes 7-8

Faves: dancing, imaginary play, dress up, being outside, Snow White, movies

Fave Foods: fruits, carrots w dip, anything sweet, hot dogs

We are so proud of Leah and are so happy God has chosen us as her parents. I never dreamed life would be as great as it is now with our two little ones. Leah continues to be strong willed, smart, and so busy. She keeps us on our toes and continuely laughing. She makes us work as parents! But, life would not be as full without her.


Chelsa said...

love hearing about miss leah! what a difference a year makes- love the pic flashback!

This Simple Life is Rich said...

Courtney, your girls are dolls!!! Don't they just grow up too fast?! I also love the puppy party details--so neat!!!

Brookeanne said...

Happy Birthday to both girls :)