Monday, May 16, 2011

Life 365: Celebrations

This Saturday was my 28th birthday.
I kinda feel "old"
At least in the sense of when I was in high school saying... "She is almost 30, you know. Too old"

I had a great birthday, spend the weekend in Indy with my love.
We ate lots of great food, shopped, walked around to see the sites, and sang karaoke with friends.
It was a glorious weekend.
To top it off I came home to an endless amount of love from facebook friends and gifts/dinner with family.

My big bro the chef made me my fave meal ( homemade lasagna) and surprised me with 2 humongous pans for my freezer! My lil bro gave me a cupcake pop/donut hole maker. Be still my heart! So seriously pumped to get fat trying it out this week!

Sunday we got to see Schaeffer again :)
She is starting to open her eyes a little. You can see here. Its amazing to see God's miracles firsthand.
This little girl was still supposed to be in here mama's belly growing eyelashes. Instead she is here thriving and learning developmental milestones. God is good!

Schae has gained 1 oz yay!
Mama is out of the hospital doing well, trying to adjust.

She's the tiniest baby in the nicu right now.
Soo loved by her good nurses.
Look at that cool sign they made her!

My fave pic.
Schea's wee diaper. Not even as big as her daddy's hand!
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Tera said...

Glad you had a great birthday and praying Schaeffer continues to grower stronger everyday.