Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Just so you know...

No. I am not pregnant. Well, at least I am fairly certain on that. I am assuming we both had a bug and we are both feeling fine now.

Leah is picking up more words left and right. Her first birthday is approaching SO fast. It makes me crazy. She is also becoming very clingy. Maybe molars? Let's hope because she will mow down Ayla if I am holding her. Poor Ay doesn't get alot of Mommy time.

To make ammense with the previous statement. I took Ayla for a mani-pedi last night. Ha. I went to get my toes done for our trip and thought it would be a special little thing just for her. She is very girly and eats this kind of thing up! (I have a couple phone pics- we'll see if it works out to post)

Said trip is SO soon I am salivating. Still not totally finished packing and since there is a heat wave coming to IN while we are gone I had to repack the girls! Too bad the great weather could have waited for us. Oh well. The girls will love being outdoors! If our parents don't take pictures Im gonna cry.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Whirwind Weekend

Can you believe its Monday again? How did that ever happen? Really... it freaks me out. I was so looking forward to the weekend and am having trouble remembering it all already.

Saturday morning I woke up to my husband in bed with me. This is rare because he has a meeting most Saturday mornings. It was nice to have them there and all the girls came in and curled up with us. Major moves were made in order to get Ayla's room done before we leave on our trip. The stripes are finished, bedding is washed and only one more coat on the top (hopefully) before we can start moving things into their positions. I doubt we will get things hung on the walls- but the painting will be done and bed in place. Her bathroom renovation is going to have to wait. Which is fine because we have adapted to not having it in service this week. And again I don't have to clean it. Did I tell you we have 4 bathrooms... a little much I know.

Anyways, so Saturday we get ready to leave for the game and I toss my cookies. What?! This can't be happening... so I think "ok, am I pregnant" or maybe its because I started a new pack of bc pills. Oh- no- should I take said pills. Ugh. We went to the game anyway. Not much can keep me from shopping :) As soon as we pull on to I-70 Ayla tells me she doesn't feel good. WHAT?! Jeff won't pull over, the responsible driver that he is. I grab an empty Mcd's sack and lean her forward. And well, you get what happened next. She was pittiful. Said thank you and told me she was tired and shut her eyes.


The rest of the day went fine. Ayla and I weren't feeling the greatest but shopped well, snacked a little, and had very few meltdowns between me or the girls. :) The game was awesome, minus my very tired girls crawling & bouncing on us. And we made it home in one piece.
Great Job Hatchets!!!!

Sunday we worked a little on Ayla's room. Packed a little. Hung out and visited family. It was a very good day. But, now Monday is back and I feel all my "to-do's" creeping up on me. Still not totally packed for all 4 of us. Anyone who knows me I typically pack a month in advance. No joking. So, its kinda bothering me. But, I do have house sitters, cat sitters, & baby sitters all lined up. All necessary documents out. Schedules printed because I am that kind of Mom. So I think I am on the right track. Plus, I have painted and/or cleaned during nap times twice today!

(Don't tell anyone but I am still in my pj pants...)

Friday, March 26, 2010

What am I doing?

I have found myself everyday this week checking my to-do list over and over. Sometimes scratching something off, sometimes adding something else. I wonder what am I doing? It feels as if I am walking in circles.

I don't get time to blog and my brain is so mushy I don't know what Id blog about. Thankful Thursday... will happen. Just maybe having to take a couple weeks off.

This week (even with dance done) has been another busy one. I worked on the pep session. That was fun. We were able to have Meredith come play for a little bit. Courti made her hair pretty. Ayla has adjusted to her big girl bed, and is sleeping even longer in the am. It has to be more comfortable! I finished taping and primed over the green stripe and added the white stripes (with primer). The plan is this weekend to get the white painting done. That is the biggest part. My friend Jessie said her hub tore apart Kate (to-be)'s bathroom and wished he'd just paint! ha I thought that was funny because that same night Jeff took out Ayla's toilet to prep the floor for the tile that has sat in our garage for over a year. It never surprises me that Jeff and Dusty are doing similar things. They are funny. But, very handy husbands!! That I am thankful for! As for now, I am enjoying not having to clean that bathroom for this week. Hopefully, the paint will get done and we'll concentrate on the bathroom after.

All the while, I have done all the planning for Leah's 1st birthday party. Sad face. I seriously see her grow more and more everyday. She has picked up on many more signs, loves to play, pushing her naps around, and weaning off the bottle/formula. She had her first cup of soy milk this week. Ayla is nearing 3 and super excited about her princess party! As we've approached this mark she is acting out a little bit. That really isn't her. I have changed a little bit of how I handle her to see if she snaps back. She has always been very easy to displine. I thought she was cutting her nap out, so we went to "rest" time. That has worked bc she 'reads' books and after an hour if she's still awake she comes out. I just got her out and looked down and she's asleep on my arm. Aw. Guess Mama is right, she still needs to nap!!

Today has been particularly interesting. I have been trying to prepare Ayla that Mommy & Daddy will be going on a trip soon. She says she is excited about staying with her gparents. But is more concerned with when we are going to the basketball game! ha Too cute. As my trip draws near my heart pains for my babies- who undoubtedly will be fine and better than fine.

In 24 hours alone I have made no bake cookies, homemade banana bread muffins, and choc chip oatmeal snack bars. All of which are delish and probably not the best for my soon-to-be-on-the-beach body. Oh well, they don't know me there. I am guessing the cooking has been cathartic or maybe its just keeping my mind off of the endless packing left to do. I did start packing today snacks, the girls, and us are all underway.

I cried today as I rocked my littlest. As my tear fell, she reached up and touched it and smiled. It was the best part of my week....

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Project Mode & Big Bed

My mind has been occupied lately with projects. Lately, I haven't even been able to put a finger to anything. But, lists have been made and plans laid out.

Now that dance is over (for a bit) things are flying off my list.

Like putting Ayla's room under construction. We are changing her room to a "big girl" room on a budget.

Some painting to be done (see painters tape), molding will be hung, and a little update in the bathroom We were able to move her toddler bed to a full size tonight. Ayla was jumping up and down she was so excited. One of those moments I wish I had on video. So take a good look at it now because hopefully it will be dramatically different sooooon.

(ps. she's pretending to sleep.. so funny)

What are the other projects on my to-do list you may ask?

Great, thanks for asking.

A couple small house projects. You may remember that little Miss is having a first birthday soon. And Mommy loves to plan parties. This big day happens to fall a few days after we get back from our anniversary trip. Yes, trip. Most of us Mama's know what going on a trip means. Even if your kids aren't going with you they have to be packed for wherever they are going and whatever they are doing! Our kids will be with both sets of grandparents during the stay of our (very short) trip. Meaning two clothing bags, two snack bags, two emergency lists, two of most things.... Despite all the twos- the one thing I am pysched about is THE BEACH! :) Don't mention to me that I'll be without my girls. Tears may start to fall... and its just too early for that. A few weeks after we get back and throw Leah a party is Ayla's party.

Hope everyone is enjoying spring and getting things off your to-do list, too.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Its Over.. or is it?

State Finals are over. Really, don't read it again. I am not talking hoops. My dancers qualified for State finals and competed for the last time this year last weekend. What a great way to end the year.

I had (have) a great group of girls. Each one is wildly different, but complement each other so well. We have a great time every time. We are now ranked 8th in state in our category. (Categories are chosen for team size, style, etc) We were the only southern school competing in state finals. I am so proud of my girls bc the teams we compete against are born and bred in studios. They are in classes or practice 5 or more times a week. Sometimes I wish we had more resources around or the girls took more advantage of what we do have.

Regardless I am a proud coach. One of my favorite parts of this weekend was having Jeff and the girls with me. I know Jeff is really proud of what I have done and being a constant for the girls on my team. My kids don't know it yet, but I coach partly for them.

I want my kids to see me be apart of others lives. Ayla loves to dance. Its kinda fun seeing her pick up on things I work on at home and the way she looks at the dancers at practice. She went out on the floor during awards and danced around. It was a long day, but the all my girls did really well!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Thankful Thursday

Leah got her shots yesterday. Which meant Mommy watching and snuggling. This meant a baby was going to be up a couple times in the night with or without a fever. Leah got little TLC through the night and is now feeling better. I am thankful because my child will be vaccinated against many life threatening illnesses. And I can choose when to give her said vaccines.

Ayla was up twice through the night with a croupy cough. Her poor allergies are getting the best of her right now. But, I am thankful because we can afford to give her allergy medicines and for her Mommy to be home with her all the time.

I am thankful today because I have children to hold when others are struggling with the loss of a baby, another negative pregnacy test, and trying to explain what "no cure" is to a 3 year old. I know our trouble will come. And I know my God will be right there.

Thank you Lord for our many blessings.


Yesterday was St. Patricks day. The girls and I dressed up in our green and headed out the door for another busy day. I just love getting out in this spring weather. I think the girls do too! Ayla got to go play with her buddy Meredith while Leah went to get her shots. (sad)

Like most night, Jeff takes care of the girls while I am at dance practice. I still can't believe sometimes how great of a daddy he is. Making dinner, picking up and watching our 2 little ones. Not all men would do this and I SO appreciate it. I know its not easy. I ended practice early to come home and spend some time with my family.

I think we are all equally loving the spring weather. I have tulips bloomin', Jeff is talking about mowing already, and the sunshine in my windows makes me want to do something more than hang on the couch.

We played together outside. I can't get enough pics of Leah on the swing. Man, she just cracks up! Loudly, might I add.

Ayla is getting more adventurous. Brittany is probably laughing, bc adventurous is not a word to describe Ayla at all! But, lately she's finding herself and discovering things. I am really proud of her.

This was the first time Leah got to stand in the yard. Soon she'll be running through it!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Leah Hope: 11 months

Eleven months... WOW.
Seriously, what have I done in eleven months? I can tell you what I haven't done.

I haven't slept enough or lost enough weight. I haven't had alot of alone time. More importantly, I haven't held my baby enough, because soon she'll be running away from me. I haven't sat taught her all the things I taught Ayla at this age....

I want to cherish every moment I have with my children. We all have seen, all too often, how quickly time passes. Honestly, it seems like the days that we do nothing and just hang around the house are the best. Not out of pajamas until noon, just enjoying time together.

Lately, we have been really busy with dance stuff, work, basketball games, planning anniversary our trip, planning birthday parties, etc. Looking forward to slowing down.

One thing that isn't slowing down is Miss Leah. At 11 months....
Leah Hope is....

Cruising. And practicing walking while holding on to things. She likes to scoot stools around and hold our hands while chasing Ayla.

Is getting chunky! Loves to eat. Has a great diet. Loves fruits & vegis & breads/crackers. She is eating 98% table foods. Down to 4 bottles of formula a day. Drinking from sippie cup like a champ. I think we'll be weaning bottles down really soon.

Giving high fives, blowing kisses & says mmm when giving real kisses, wiggles fingers and says "tic tic tic" to tickle you, new baby sign for "all done", fake laughs when others in the room are laughing, her smiles have turned into scrunched face silly smiles they makes me laugh every time. Her kisses are turning from open mouth kisses to real smooches!

Wearing size 3 diapers. Size 12 mo clothes mainly. Trying to boycott bows- though mom is still sticking them in! :) Her hair has been growing alot lately.
Favorite foods: cottage cheese, breads, green beans, grilled cheese & cheese quesadilla. (that's alot of dairy- ha)
Taking 2 naps during the day. Sleeps well through night. Not taking a bottle to go to bed anymore. Waking up in her own bed in the am, instead of coming to sleep in the am w/ Mommy. She's a rolly polly sleeper, so this works best for her. Even though I miss my cuddle bug (sometimes).
What a big girl you are becoming Leah. We are so proud of you.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

I need my hour back, please...

Man, Im tired. This has been a crazy week! I have had practices every night, or gymnastics, or planning for events. Its been crazy! Thankfully, its over and sucessful. Our banquet was Saturday, as well as, Regionals GO HATCHETS! Both went great.

Today we got up early(er x10). I headed to church to set up for service. I choreographed for 2 of my girls to do a praise dance. It turned out really great. Once I figure out how to do vids on here I will share.

Otherwise, I feel like I can barely keep my eyes open. Id like my hour back please. We're heading to small group in a few. Looking forward to bed tonight! Another busy week getting ready for our State Championships next sat!

Hope you all had a great weekend....

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Thankful Thursday: Count your Blessings: I & J (Late Edition)

Thank you Lord for your many blessings.

Indiana. Our place in this world right now. Indiana is so beautiful. I know I get down in winter sometimes, however. Indiana is truely a wonderful place to live. We see the seasons come and go to the fullest. The flowers bud and the ground softens, then the air turns thick & hot, corn & tomatoes Best in the world. Soon after the leaves change to the most intense shades of yellow, orange, & red. The leaves will fall and the ground hardens again with the cold. Oh- the cold. Ha. But, the feeling I get with the first snowfall of the year. The way it settles on the tree branches. It seems so quiet. I am thankful to call Indiana my home. Where else will you find festival celebrating watermelon, corn, & catfish?
Jeff. My best friend. The father of my children. When I closed my eyes as a young girl I painted a very vivid image of what the father of my children would be like. Not an easy statue to live up to. Jeff fits every description-- beyond measure. I know sometimes I am not the most easy person to live with. Some say I am a bit emotional. hehe But, I know he loves me every minute of every day, emotional or not. I am SO thankful for him and all he does to provide for me and our girls.
I am so sorry for being so lax on these. Things have been super busy. Hopefully, Ill be posting on those very soon. Just know its been a little nutty and I'll be looking forward to lazy days....

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Play Time at the Park

This weekend weather was so nice and its seeming to stick around at least for now. I almost don't mind the rain if its staying warm!! Ridge was in town and we played at the park. This was Leah's first time as a big girl. She loved it.

Swings are always a fave
I have found myself often saying I can't wait til she is walking. I never felt like that with Ayla. But I think Ayla will get such a kick out of it!! It is so fun watching them together everyday. They both play well on their own but nowadays Ayla is including her in what she does. I can tell now Leah would follow her to the end of the moon and back!

For now we will enjoy the time of cuddles and crawling. Hopefully this warm weather sticks around and we'll get to the park again soon...

Girls will be girls....

My friend, Brittany, and I talk often how our girls are perfect compliments to another. Meredith is outgoing, crazy, and energetic. Ayla is laid back, a follower, yet also energetic. You get these two together and often Ayla has no shoes, socks or possibly pants on. Simply because Meredith asked her to take them off so she could wear them. Ayla rarley questions.

We think one day Ayla will rub off on Meredith and help her with her manners and craziness. But, I doubt it.

The other day while the girls played and us Mommy's caught up we noticed it was a little too quiet. They ran down the hallway for potty emergency and Ayla showed me what they had been up to...
I opened the door to Leah's nursery to find this. The clothes were nicely clean and folded in her room ready to be stored away for next baby/yard sale. A basket full of diapers thrown everywhere. But, more impressively, as I opened the door a think smog of baby powder filled the room. It was hard to breathe it was so thick. I had to open the window. At least it smelled nice?

Faces of the guilty? Cute, guilty faces...

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Fun Day! Please stay Sunshine...

Fun day! We spent a bit of time outside. Just a bit chilly, but took advantage of some fresh air! We also got to meet up with a new friend. This is Alyssa. Alyssa's Mommy and I were college roommates for a year. It was really neat seeing her as a Mommy and getting some adult conversation in.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

This week has been pretty chill. Don't get me wrong, its just as busy... I am still gone every night for this or that. However, its just a bit more relaxed. I don't have Regionals weighing over my head and the sunshine peeking through my windows has been a tremendous help.

I have been checking the weather and Wowza am I excited for this weekend!!! I believe Leah's first trip to the park as a big girl is in order. We have family coming in town, too. I can't wait to see my lil nephew Ridge! We hate not seeing some family as much as we'd like.

Lots of things are in the works right now that I am excited about. First of all, our 5 yr anniversary is coming up. As well as, our anniversary trip without the kiddos. This has been an issue with anxiety right now, but I know they will be in good hands. I am working on a worship dance for service in a couple weeks. I may give you all a sneak peak soon? Love. My Leah is getting closer and closer to becoming a big girl... wanting to take steps, trying to wean from babyfood, holding her own bottle. Wow.

Tonight I made spaghetti & meatballs with homemade breadsticks. Ayla is a huge help in the kitchen. She helped roll out the dough and brush it with butter. They were pretty delish! Tonight was also Leah's first time eating spaghetti. Have I told you... she is a Good eater!!
That's really it, folks. Hopefully, the warmth will come and stay. Regardless, I will be enjoying every moment of it!!