Monday, October 27, 2008

So Sorry!!

I wanted to apologize greatly for not following what I promised. We have officially been in the house for over 2 weeks. It seems like longer! It is very much "growing" on me and maybe slowly becoming home sweet home.
There are multiple reasons (excuses) I have for not posting the pics I promised. One, haven't taken them! Ah... I know, but I want ALL the boxes gone and who has time? 2. Our internet is still not up (jeff- mowed down the line!) which means if I had taken pics I couldn't dl them to my comp. I current play on Jeff's laptop with an internet card. Yay for modern conviences. and C. I guess we are "breaking in" the house because we've had multiple mishaps and not so good stuff happen. Im just trying to take it in stride and not feel defeated. But, Im ready for normalcy!
Thankfully, we are all looking forward to Halloween! Pumpkin carving and trick or treaters. I think we may even take Ayla out on Thurs so we can see all our visitors on Friday! :)
So, I hope you forgive me. Just wait- when I get it all figured out you'll be sick of all the pics I post!! hahaha :) For now, I ask for all additional prayers for our old home to sell. We had stuff fall through so it is still sitting waiting for a good family. Also, for this home. We currently are having sewer issues- oooooooooouuuuuuu! I will not elaborate.
Thanks, have a great week & safe Halloween!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

We're in....

Well, we have sure been busy!! Last Sat we moved 90% of our home over. We have the BEST family ever... they worked all day and it was worth it to come home to a place that was somewhat organized and put together. All week we've been "adjusting" to our new surroundings, trying to clean and organize, and slowly finishing projects that need finished. We still have a long way to go before it is a finished product. But, its slowly becoming home. Our other house is still on the market (boo). We have had a couple interested buyers, but nothing that seems promising. Please continue to help us pray for that! Hope everyone is having a great week...

Our internet is still acting funny-but I will try to post some pictures and updates soon!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Tag... Im it?

Ok... so there is a craze going around- tagging blogs to write 6 personal things that some or most people would not know about you. Hmm.. I think of myself as well, an open book. Not too exciting. My friend (and fellow blogger) Jen was brave enough to post 100 facts of herself a few months ago. I thought it was awesome. I also thought I am not that interesting.

I quickly jumped on task of my "top 100"- I never fully finished. I am tempted to post it, however don't want you to be bored stiff and never come back to visit. What a dilema! Ok, you talked me into it :)

I tag Leah R., Brandi R., & Brittney Bean- 6 fun facts or if your feeling frisky 100..;

100 things you may not know about me...

1. I love to scrapbook, but am terribly bad at it.
2. I have a serious fear of birds. The beady eyes are just too much for me. Sadly, I lovingly nicknamed Ayla my little bird because of her noises she made as a newborn.
3. Im not a real, real blonde (big shock- i know). I always tell people my natural color is "sandy blonde", truth is, I haven't seen my natural color since junior high.
4. Fall is my favorite season.
5. Pedicures are my weakness.
6. I love to exercise, but haven't been to a real gym since I was prego with Ayla.
7. I would choose carbs over desert most of the time.
8. Becoming a mommy was never scarey to me.
9. I dance and sing really loud in the car. ROCK ON!
10. I love movies that make me cry, and once I start I can't stop. I cried all the way through Titanic and the whole way home! I refuse to ever watch it again.
11. I still love to rock Ayla to sleep. :)
12. I can't sleep without a sound machine and a fan on.
13. My toenails are always painted.
14. I love to cook and bake, but hate high maintenance recipes like pie crust.
15. I have never mowed in my life.
16. I have certain tv shows I become engrossed with and have watched from the very beginning... Prison Break (woah), SYTYCD, American Idol, & Greek, House.
17. I am not grossed out by anything, but sputum.
18. I have seen dead people. (c'mon Im a nurse)
19. I am an admitted shop-a-holic.
20. I have to be in the mood to eat steak.
21. I played a cave woman in my 3rd grade school play in which I was bopped over the head with a plastic "cave club" and drug around by my pig tail. Great learning experience...
22. I am a worry wart, and often worry about worrying too much.
23. I have a small tattoo of a flower and am ok with that.
24. I am very competitive at board games.
25. I co-authored a story with friends in 6th grade. I wish I knew who had a copy of that. I bet its hilarious!
26. Most see me as outgoing, but I am really cautious.
27. I like to take care of people... friends, neighbors, my baby, strangers. But, I hate taking care of my husband when he is sick.
28. I love to dance.
29. Jeff and I have always joked about having 6 kids. Before his grandmother passed she said it will be 6 girls..... eek! ha
30. When I get nervous my belly hurts.
31. I love my husband more than I thought I could.
32. I hate doing the dishes, they taunt me.
33. My closet is full of pink and green items.
34. I own countless numbers of old navy flip flops.
35. Apples made up 50% of my diet while I was pregnant with Ayla.
36. My family used to spend Christmas with Mickey. We would travel Christmas afternoon and vacationed at Disney several years in a row.
37. I hate it when it doesn't snow on Christmas.
38. I am full of good intentions, but have to push myself to get it done.
39. I hate to be late.
40. I have never lived outside of Indiana.
41. Parking is not my specialty. Never paralell parked.
42. I still jump to get into bed- you know... so nothing can grab my feet.
43. I talk in my sleep.
44. I get frustrated really easy.
45. I hate to vaccum, but love love love carpet lines.
46. Jeff and I are thrilled about baby #2.
47. Decisions are not easily made by me.
48. I yell, but hate when others do.
49. I am deathly scared of heights, can't even look at a ladder!
50. Soap Operas are dumb, but I am glued to Guiding Light everyday.
51. Sorry if I don't return your call for a few days, its not my specialty.
52. I love to eat out, especially for lunch dates.
53. Jeff and I haven't had more than 3 "dates" in 17 mo.
54. I strive to pray more bold prayers.
55. I have not read a book beginning to end since college except pregnancy & child development books.
56. Proud Republican.
57. I am very opinionated.
58. Nap time is my safe haven.
59. Did I mention, I love to nap too?
60. I am a picture taking junkie.
61. I probably have a picture for every week of Ayla's life.
62. My favorite scent is the smell of Ay's hair.
63. OMG, love to text.
64. I hate the taste of milk, but love cereal.
65. I have aracnaphobia & otherbuggaphobia, too.
66. I rarely get to shower every day.
67. I love watching cartoons.
68. Gilmore Girls brings me to my knees. Hil-ar-ious
69. My mom is one of my best friends.
70. I used to kareoke online with my friend Jen to Mandy Moore "Candy"- & we were good!
71. I was voted "Biggest Flirt" in high school... eeek!
72. I rarely talk to people from high school.
73. I get anxious when attempting to mail a package? Don't ask...
74. I am not a morning person.
75. I am afraid of needles, but give shots for a living.
76. My fave color is green.
77. Coke is way better than Pepsi.
78. I went to a New Kids of the Block concert and slept in a NKOTB sleeping bag!
79. I feel the Boppy was the best invention for Mommies.
80. I feel the pacifier was the best invention for babies.
81. I make clippies (bows) for my daughter's hair- so cute!
82. I rarely leave the house without some sort of "face" put on. ha
83. When we go somewhere new or visit friends I change Ayla's clothes.
84. I love when Jeff, Ayla, and I match for church.
85. I cry easily, but not as often as I used to.
86. I have no musical abilities.
87. Hoodies take over my closet.
88. I layer my shirts almost every day... no reason, just do?
89. I love family dinners.
90. Christmas & Easter are my favorite holidays.
91. Mashed potatoes & Bobes breadsticks are my ultimate comfort foods.
92. Lasagna is my favorite food, but I refuse to make it. (see #14)
93. I love taking long walks. Especially in the fall.
94..... Ok... Im tired. Im not that interesting.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Potty Time

This is a little late, but I had to post it anyways... after we got back from our "perfect evening" (see last post) Ayla was pulling her potty from its corner. I thought well, its been awhile since we tried.

So I went on to undressing her and putting her on the potty. Me giving her the best potty pep talk I could give she sat and sang and enjoyed pretending to blow her nose on a piece of toilet paper! ha I told her to stay as I left the room to change my shirt. I came back and Jeff said "she went!" I couldn't believe it! She really did it! She was so proud, and we were too. Just 17 mo old and trying to potty like a big girl. :) So far its just been a fluke, bc she hasn't gone again since. But it was still a monumental occassion....

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Perfect Evening

I rarely post more than once a day, but I just couldn't help myself!! Since we'll be without Jeff for the weekend I wanted to pick pumpkins before he left. After he got home from work we went to the pumpkin patch. Something that I have said I want to make a tradition of yearly. Ayla was hilarious! She loved looking at the "balls" (pumpkins) and tried to pick every single one up. She'd grunt and say "up". :) What a great night...

(top pics are halloween 07 ayla-51/2 mo and ayla 17mo)

As you can see Baby #2 is starting to make its debut on my abdomen! Not so pretty right now! Otw things are going well for the pregnancy, still not feeling the best but I know it will pass soon. I can feel stretching which means everything is doing what its supposed to be doing! :)
Now get off the computer and enjoy this fall weather!

Fall Fun...

We, Owens', do so much love our fall weather. Last night Ayla and I took our first "chilly" walk through the new neighborhood. It was really nice, Ay loved it, and baby #2 got exercise! Today we met a couple friends at the park for our weekly playdate. It was a little chilly, so we stopped by Wal-Mart to by our first hat of the season. I actually found a really cute one! I can't wait for more of this weather and all the comes along with it. Pumpkin picking, hot chocolate, bonfires, hooded sweatshirts, and cuddling!