Monday, September 29, 2008

A couple more weeks.. really!

I know for about a month now we've been saying we'd be moving in in a "couple weeks" ha then that couple weeks goes by and look at where we are! :) Anyways, people ask me all the time if Im excited. The answer is strange- not really... YET! It's hard to call a place "home" when your in a nice place to sleep plus being so busy with a toddler, new pregnancy, coaching, being a wife, etc. So we're in the final stuff, cleaning, painting, ya know fun stuff! The date is set now for Oct 10the weekend to move. It would be next weekend, but my lucky husband got invited to take a trip to Texas to see the Colts play! He couldn't pass that up! So... a couple more weeks... really!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Whistling Dixie

My little girl whistles! ha. Is this weird, I don't know? Reminder: she is only 17mo old. I began noticing a month or so ago every time we whistled she would pucker her cute lil lips. Today I found her playing with her toys and whistling away! SO cute! I think its funny, my husband thinks she's a genius. :) Someone tell me... is this normal for a wee one to whistle? (Say that 5 x fast)

PS. Video to follow. Every time the camera gets out she wants to be the director instead of actress! But, Ill get it!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

As Promised....

As promised I remembered to snap a few pics of the new additions. Mostly tooks pics of our kitchen because its new and shiny (well, dusty, but new HA). The basement was the latest fix. Its all done minus paint and a few doors. Its so big its hard to figure out how to photographt that. But, that's it for now.... here they are new kitchen and lower level pics!

We love our new kitchen. And Ay loves running around it as you can see!
View from the stairs into lower level

(L) Back room (R) TV area

Food, Fun, & Family

What a fun, but busy weekend. It seems to be a theme to our lives right now... "busy" HA I wish we had more time to devote to getting things done at the house. I know I keep promising new pics, and hopefully after our trip tonight I can repost some. It is just looking SO good. All we are waiting on now is to motivate ourselves to finish paint and tilework is still undergoing. No worries though. (PS anyone house hunting, seriously, ive got a good one!)

Friday we decided to put our work aside and cookout with friends. The Bean's hosting a wienie roast. It was alot of fun seeing the lil ones run around and play. Also, the mom's usually get to hang out but this time the dad's were there too! Good time, good food, good company :)

Saturday we spent all day with Jeff's family. His brother was home with the new baby for the first time so we had a little open house for them. It was alot of fun. He's a good lil guy! Plus, super cute. That evening the rest of the family stayed and we grilled out. Again, food is good! haha I not gonna have trouble gaining weight with this pregnancy!

Today was lil Wyatt's 4th bday (our nephew). We had a cool lil party for him, too. So, now we're home catching some zzz's before the Colts game. Ayla's snoring and making me kinda jealous so I think I may join her, but Ill leave you with some pics from our weekend.

Before & After Smores! YUM

Wyatt turned 4 & Ridge 2mo! :)

My poor jealous girl- what are we gonna do?

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Busy girl

Those of you who chuckled when they read I was going to see American Idols in concert... give me a break! ha and PS it was amazing! Huge talent this year, great song choices, and just a generally happy crowd!
Our house is piecing together QUICK! We've got our kitchen totally put together, bea-u-tiful. We are just finishing up touch ups, some paint, and tile work. The tile work may still be going on when we move in.. its a pretty big job! Unfortunately, we've had water issues with some work that hadn't gotten done prior to the rain. But that is being handled. (I hope.)
Honestly, this week has been so busy, its hard to say really what took place. I started up my dance practices, worked, attended a funeral, went to a concert.. phew. Ready for a break.
I promise to post some pics of the house. Hope all is well with everyone else...

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Yesterday was Jeff's birthday. He's getting to be an old man, just shy of 30!! ha. I like to tease. It was a pretty good weekend. We got alot done over at the house and its just getting closer and closer to being ready for our arrival! They will be drywalling the basement this week, then touch ups, then DONE! Time sure flies...

I have been feeling better lately, still the usual prego stuff, but much more bearable. Thank you for surrounding me with your thoughts and prayers. :) Just in time for my mom and I to see American Idol LIVE this Thursday!! Yay!

For now, enjoy your week and I'll leave you with a few fun pics from daddy's birthday...
This is cake heaven... YUM!
Yep.. that's my girl sitting on her potty.
No news yet, just getting "acquainted"!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

One is the lonliest number...

That's right.... we're expecting! :) Thanks to all the comments on my previous post. I actually had a friend say she thought Ay was holding a tampon! HA! Nah, a positive pregnancy test. We knew after Ayla's first bday it was time to start "thinking" about it. Now that its here, it appears we drank the water because the Lord has blessed Daviess Co. with many new babies and new mommies! I hope the more the merrier!

Baby #2 is due April 24th, 2009. That currently makes me 7ish weeks. To be really honest, Ive been pretty worthless lately. Grumpy, exhausted, dizzy, and topped with never ending nausea! I try to remind myself how it just "magically" disappeared with Ayla and KNOW its gonna happen like that again.... right?!


Anyways, we are really excited. We began by telling our parents and brothers yesterday. The reactions were priceless-- I so wish I had a camera attached to my head at all times. But, that would just look silly. We told our small group tonight and they were equally as excited. We feel so blessed to have them all in our lives to laugh and cry with.

Hopefully, moving will be uneventful with a toddler and prego running around! It just makes it more fun.... We'll keep you posted!
Mommy made her this cute shirt. It said...
"Someone new is joining our nest"

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


This is gonna be fun...


Life is nutty... but that's ok. This long weekend was, well, long. We got a lot of things done and I feel like I am already counting the days til next weekend. :) I am finding myself not enjoying the outdoors as much anymore. Really ready for fall, because I do so love the fall weather. Everyone seems to be happy to move on from summer, leaves are turning (beautiful), cold football/soccer games, hot chocolate, sweaters.... aww *sigh. I guess I will just have to wait a few more weeks....

We are pressing hard to get things done around the new house. We finally we able to spend time over there. Saturday we got Ayla down for a nap in the packnplay while I cleaned the bathrooms --yuck, construction boys are gross! Jeff hung Ay's ceiling fan. All the duct work and heating/air was finished. And we painted some more inside, because its just too hot to finish the outside paint. Its looking really good! But, our job is never done. More pics to come soon as this week brings... carpets, more tile work, hopefully appliances, etc.

Sunday we had a family dinner with my in-laws. We had a great time... good food and games. We bought a hillbilly golf game (ok- that is what we call it) to play and Ay thought she was part of the action. Cute.

On side notes... Jeff's bday is coming up this weekend and I havne't a clue what to do. Any ideas? I tried to get Colt's tickets, but they were so expensive and bad seats. Also, Ayla seems to be learning new things everyday. She learned the baby sign for "please" but started to say it too. So precious- she will do anything for ice cream!

Pictures of family fun...