Sunday, May 31, 2009

Vacation Dreamin'.... Sandbox Livin'

I don't know about you but there is something about the 'mid-year rut' that makes me CRAVE a vacation. I love this time of year. Its busy, full of fun parties, big cookouts, long walks, quick trips to the park, swingset swinging and fattening food eatin'. Regardless of all the festitivities Im ready to see the world outside my own....

As I am vacation dreamin', Ayla is sandbox livin' (and lovin', I might add)...

Welcome to our oasis

We have the only blue sand on the block!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Show us Where you Live Friday: Children's Room/Nursery Edition

OK... I have been wanting to do ALL of the home tours that Kelly's Korner has been hosting, but I just had a baby folks. Plus I like to do other things like paint my toddlers toenails, write pizza crust posts (be on the lookout), cook for my family, relandscape my yard, go to walmart without my kids, cuddle with my husband, rock a baby, chase my toddler, coo at my little one, and have tutu time... you know the everyday stuff.

So this is a little late, but who's counting? I took the pics in a hurry this morning, so please excuse the poor lighting and possibly out of focus photos and then refer to the list above for reasons why I didn't take more time to photograph my home :)

Ayla wanted to start the tour off... and I think she did with flair...
little cheeser wouldn't let me take a pic without her in it, and rightfully so, it IS her room.

Her BIG girl bed....

She is doing great in her new bed, only fell out a few times. I keep a pillow on the floor just in case. (not a big drop- just sad) She sleeps with my baby blanket my grandma made me in her bed every night. She does not know how special it is yet, but one day I will tell her.

Her dresser, chair, etc- Note: tutu on the wall ready for easy 'tutu time' in our home
Her room is a little boring for my taste. I am still unsure what I invision for such a large room. I have a thang for stripes. She had vertical stripes in her first nursery and I miss them. So right now I am at a stand still. Don't know if I will repaint the back wall as a focal wall or I have some UL ideas in my head. What do you guys think?

This is the girl's bathroom... It is in her room, but our girls will share this growing up, and possibly share this Large room one day.

Their bathroom is so sweet... still pinks & greens with a funky fun feel to it. Pay no attention to the ugly tile under the rockin' rug. It is on the long list of things left to update!
Definitely girl heaven.

(some photos lost of her closet and book storage due to ridicuously poor lighting- sorry)

Miss Leah's Room- most of you have seen it recently since its a newer addition, but here are a few new glimpses.
....view from door

The dresser ahead has clothes and accessories stored. On top is the cutest lamp and my wedding bouquet. I love that my girls have little pieces of my past in their room.

Next to the dresser is the 'tree wall' Now with a birdhouse. Her shelves only have a few things- a nest holding Leah's newborn booties and picture frame.

Her crib....
...oh and look who joined us?!

My favorite seat in the house... my rocker. This chair has rocked both of my girls to sleep and hopefully will the rest of our children.

Thanks for visiting our home, or at least some of the most colorful parts of it :)

Monday, May 25, 2009

Hello There

Hello There...

... look at me.

I am getting so strong.

I am really trying to hold my head up

& doing a great job at it, might I add.

Im wearing size 1 diapers now.

Mom says I won't like my butt getting big later.

But, my dresses are starting to fit great.

I rolled over from belly to back the other day.

I did it just to freak my Mommy out! I will not

do it again til I am ready.

I am a Mommy's girl!

My fussy periods are becoming less, and Im smiling alot more.
(Chelsa nominated me for a blogger award- Im working on it girl!)

Sunday, May 24, 2009

So far so good...

I l.o.v.e. holiday weekends.

Wow. I bet that came as a shocker, huh? But, really. Everyone is laid back and spending time with family. Everyone is eating... alot. Definitely right up my alley! But, the reason why my heart is singing this weekend is because I have been able to wake up to my hubby snoring laying next to me 2 days in a row.

See Jeff has a fantastic job. His employers are great people who take good care of us. However, one downfall is he works most, if not every, Saturday. Boo.

We have spent alot of time with the girls, hanging with my in-laws, and of course a few landscaping projects so far this weekend. I feel like I have talked til I am blue in the face about our home projects and as soon as one ever gets completed I will be sure to document. But, we have our eggs in alot of baskets- so to speak.

So far so good...

Here are a few pictures to sum up the first part of our holiday weekend....

we took Ayla swimming thanks to our awesome neighbors! she is really a fish this year!

Mommy got the gumpshun to pump, so Leah took her first bottle! She did amazingly well. Piggy ate it Way too quick so most of it came back up, but great first effort. I have a couple shifts coming up soon plus dance picks back up in the summer...

We are always trying to get pics of the Owens grandkids when Ridge is home. But its hard with nursing times, nap times, time out times... ha I got a couple cute ones in the few minutes I snapped, you can see no one looks thrilled I am making them do this. Britt you have your work cut out for you. But it works.... Fischer 8, holding Ridge 10 mo, Ayla 2, Wyatt 4, holding Leah 5.5 weeks.

Looking forward to another day of time with my husband, my girls, and the rest of our family :)

Friday, May 22, 2009

Leah's First Friend

Leah has been long awaiting the birth of her first friend (her age) Abigail. Yesterday we went to visit Abbi twice. She is such a sweet baby. She seemed very content, had the sweetest buttery colored skin and just a little blonde hair. Im pretty sure our girls are going to be gorgeous. Or as Jeff's dad always says.... "Dad's get out your shot gun" eekk... I bet Jon actually owns one?!

Bri and I have been close for a long time. We were big & lil sis in high school on our dance team. We were silly. We sang (and weren't very good). We, of course, danced. We were best friends. Even in high school we talked of the day we would be 'Mommies'. We talked of being pregnant together.... and it actually happened! Sadly, we didn't get to spend more than a few moments together while both pregnant. But, hopefully we won't let distance get between our girls!

Congrats Jon & Bri! She is perfect!

We love you....

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Amazing Grace

God is good.

Summertime Fun

I always say the sweatier and dirtier you are when you come in for the day the better the day was. :) As we came in for nap today we all were definitely sweaty, dirty, and happy.

Poor Ayla is battling her allergies...again. But, I guess we are so used to it we try not to let it stop us. So today after getting up and moving (ps. Im getting way good at dressing, feeding, cuddling, etc 2 babies) we went to visit baby Abi. Oh man is she sweet... short cute legs, long beautiful toes. She reminded me a bit of my Leah. I can't wait to stop by again tonight. Im really excited that Leah and her will grow up together!

After our visit we had a quick lunch at Mi Pueblo with Mimi then off to the park we went. We walked for a long time. I was the one wearing flip flops & pushing my beast double stroller. All was great in the world. Two beautiful girls, big blue sky, bright shining sun, & one happy mama.

the beast

(if you look close you can see L's toes)

me & my little

A rewind to some fun summer-ness you may have missed:

in chronological order of course

This is what we wanted to call the last photo before Leah- we walked 3 mi while 5 cm dilated, pushing a stroller.... she was stubborn and WORTH the wait. Don't you dare tell Jeff, but it kinda makes me miss being pregnant!

Leah was able to be in baby dedication at church when she was only about a week old. We were so thankful that Jeff's brother & our SIL were home from Cincy. That chubby lil one is Ridge, isn't he perfect!?

This is from Ay's bday lunch w/ Daddy... I would like to add how HOT my hubby is to the things I love about him. :)

We were able to go roller skate at gma's gym. Ayla had to join in so we put her in the smallest pair which were HUGE! But she was pretty good. Someone tell me how to upload a video?!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Fight the Urge

I woke up this morning and had the urge to tell you all how nuts I am going with no sleep. My nighttime feeding woes and worries.... BUT then I read a couple of my friend's posts and they urged me to do something else. Something probably more theaputic.

We'll find out at least?

First, Jen urged us all to share our fave gourmet pizza recipes. And Boy do I have a good one. At least I think so. :) It was already on my meal plan for the week so you all will have to wait til I make that and I may share a couple pics while Im at it. Only because Jessie comments that she thinks Im some sort of a multi-tasking queen! ha

I also read Jessie's post on loving and lifting up her husband, Dusti. She then urged all of us wives to do the same. I want to echo this. I don't talk much about my husband on here, mainly because I wonder if he'll make me shut down this operation! But, I, no doubt have the BEST husband, friend, head of household, father of my children.... ever.

Jeff plays alot of roles around this house.

Husband.. he loves me unconditionally. Which I am sure that isn't easy with the hormones from pregnancy & nursing raging. But he never stops.

Provider... Jeff works hard to bring our family home a modest income. Enough to provide our basic needs and beyond, enough to share with others in need, and enough to allow me to stay home to raise our children.

Father... He is the best father. Hands on- all. the. time. He has rocked babies to sleep many nights, wiped countless noses and bottoms. Loves to play and read books. Is amazed daily by our daughters and give them the world!

Handy Man... I have found he can fix most things and our home is constantly challenging him

Follower of Christ... he not only is the spritual leader of our house he does his part to serve in our church often.

Babysitter... Jeff has never hesitated to watch the girls when I have practice or a break.

Chef... though since I am home he doesn't get called on so much, he can make a mean meal!

I think I could go on forever. He is my soulmate, the yin to my yang- whatever that means. :) All I know is my life is complete because he is apart of it! Now go on and brag on your man...

My urge to throw up all of my worries on this blog is gone, but I can't resist this urge to brag on my other favorites... my girls!

Don't try to fight the urge to oooh and ahhh... they are that cute! And Yes, Leah is getting some chub on her!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

The Bash

I can't believe my baby is two. She is very smart and we are very proud of her!
At 2 years old Ayla... 27.6 lbs almost 34 in tall
...has a new sister she loves very much not very interested in potty training, only on 'her' time
...sleeps in a big girl bed
...has a huge vocabulary, connects up to 5 word sentences

...very girly- loves bows, shoes, princesses very polite. Says "thank you, Mommy" often. Apologizes on own when appropriate
...fave foods: pasta, bread, fruit snacks, tomatoes, pickles, pizza
...loves to be outside, coloring books, dolls, the park, playgroup friends
...has lots of good friends, I think Meredith B is currently her BFF (ha)
...swings her hips when she runs

Ayla is a very special girl. So special all THIS was for her...

the tables

the food

the pinata

the cake...
the cake...
THE cake.

Without all of this it would not have been the same. As I sit here, both of my girls napping and Daddy too. I realize how blessed we are! God is so faithful & provides. Our girls are beautiful, happy & healthy. Jeff and I love and understand each other. We have fantastic family & friends.
All thanks to our Heavenly Father.

(By the way... Ayla's fabulous bow was made by our friend Tera- It is amazing! You all should be placing your orders now... :)

Friday, May 15, 2009

Leah Hope 1 Month

One month already...

It very much seems like she's been with us forever, but only for a few seconds at the same time.
Leah is such a sweet baby

Already I am...

...attached to my mommy and know her voice from others

...trying to lift my head to lay down with my sister

...nurse every 3 hours, sometimes longer at night, sometimes sooner before bed.

...loves to snuggle at night instead of sleeping alone in my bed- oh no!

...starting to coo, but doesn't have much to say yet
...getting on a schedule- eating, fussy times, sleeping times, even poopy times

...smiling- especially at the birdies in my mobile

Tummy Time, Birthdays, Weight loss

I thought it was supposed to all come back to me... you know important milestones and developmental tasks Im supposed to be helping my 2nd born achieve. Hmmm... I assume its time to start tummy time. I could be early or late, no need of correcting me. We've only done it a couple times, but she seems to like it. I think Ayla likes it more bc sissy is on the floor.

Not the first choice of place for my newborn while my toddler is 'toddling". But as I have said a thousand times Ayla is excellant with her sister. I have only a few times had to correct Ayla for being rough. She is usually very gentle and doesn't bother her too much!

Speaking of this big sister... I mentioned her birthday last week. I still can't believe we've got a 2 year old! Where does time go? We have been planning her big bash for a while now... a few glitches with a lot of family out of town, so it will be a little more low key than expected. But, still the coolest party on the block. How many 2 year olds do you know have their home overhauled for their party!? ha That's right, construction is slowly coming to an end. I type to the sweet sounds of "beeping" and digging of the concrete being poured for our new patio and driveway! (pictures later)

That birthday girl also got her crib turned into her "big girl bed". She has been sleeping great in it without skipping a beat! She hasn't tried to get out of it at all during sleep times. I don't have a picture of it all made up with her quilt but maybe Ill add that with the construction pics later.

I, too, had a birthday... yesterday. My husband took off work half day to take me and the girls to Evansville. We didnt do much, some low key shopping, car browsing, dinner, then home to see family. It was an amazing trip. Loved using my new double stroller and both girls were good!

On to the present... today was my final baby apt with Dr. F It went really well. I officially will be taking birth control again HA Funny, yet so true. I also had to step onto the dreaded scale again. I lost 22 lbs! Very cool knowing I had only gained 18 with Leah. Wahoo... ok, party is over for 2 reasons. One, because I have a long way to go and goal weights set. Realistically, bc I have a toddler and I like mac n cheese... and cookies..... and scoops and veggies too. Wow. I hope this ends well. The second reason party is over- my body is SO different. Woah. Regardless of losing weight nothing looks "quite right". I told someone the other day that its like things are in the wrong spot? Jen how do you look so good after 3? So, now I am free to exercise and I will do just that. Sorry no before pics at the moment... Im a little embarrassed. ha

Im Back!

It has been really hard being with out the internet. I guess I can admit now that I am spoiled. It has given me more time to be with my girls, plan Ayla's party, get more home projects done, take lots of pictures, and grow one more year older!

So much has happened I fear it will be lost. When I started blogging last summer I planned to use this as my mommy journal, something to be able to look back at to remember all the silly milestones that get lost in the shuffle and aren't in baby books.

Hopefully, I can try to catch up, but I promise I will be back with full force! Honestly, I miss reading what is going on in your lives. Hope everyone is doing well!

Friday, May 8, 2009

WOW- eee: part 3 Ayla

So the time as come that I have a two year old.... Oh my. I guess I can admit that it isn't as painful that I once thought this day would be. It has actually been really fun!
Ayla's party isn't for another week... so enjoy a couple fun pics. For now, just a few.

We made a pretty big even of Ayla's birthday. I took a cue from my friend Mandi and we blew up some balloons for the morning when she woke. Man, this was a hit! She seemed so surprised and excited. I don't think she even realized there was a gift too! I honestly could make a post solely on the "balloon effect" its like a high for toddlers! Maybe I will work on that. I have plenty of pictures of her rolling around in them, kicking, laughing, and playing with them to prove it.

We had heart shaped pancakes for breakfast.

Then went to visit Daddy & Papaw at work for lunch and a visit.
All that excitement wore both girls out!
We had a fun dinner and cupcakes to celebrate.

What a great day!

I only had a few minutes to post.... I now realize I added the photo with the Ayla in front of the bday girl.... Sorry, but its bedtime and no time to change it. Just laugh at me... silently please.

Ok that's enough...