Friday, May 8, 2009

WOW- eee: part 2 Leah

This week my newborn turn 3 weeks old. Saying that out loud sounds so long. She seems like she's been here for years. She fits into our family so very well. Today she started smiling. I don't know if this is early, but I often call her my prodigy. Just got that feeling.. haha I have yet to capture her sweet gummy expression. But you all know... you will!

She is a good sleeper. Sometimes she'll go 4 hours at night- which I love! We know her cranky time. We know her awake times. She still Loves to eat. Definitely... loves to eat. She's still a nugget and doesn't do a whole lot yet. We are just enjoying getting to know her as she changes every day! Nothing more to say... just enjoy her sweet face.

Can't say no to that....

She also enjoyed her first tub bath with her big sissy Ayla! It was really cute!

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Chelsa said...

she is beautiful!