Friday, May 15, 2009

Im Back!

It has been really hard being with out the internet. I guess I can admit now that I am spoiled. It has given me more time to be with my girls, plan Ayla's party, get more home projects done, take lots of pictures, and grow one more year older!

So much has happened I fear it will be lost. When I started blogging last summer I planned to use this as my mommy journal, something to be able to look back at to remember all the silly milestones that get lost in the shuffle and aren't in baby books.

Hopefully, I can try to catch up, but I promise I will be back with full force! Honestly, I miss reading what is going on in your lives. Hope everyone is doing well!


Brookeanne said...

And you have been missed! I just noticed that Leah turned 1 month old! I was so sure that our girls would be closer in age... where has the time gone?! You were absolutely right that this little one would hang in there till the end! Anyway, I can't wait until you update with all the great newborn/sibling stuff going on in your life... and pictures! Must post pictures :)!!!

Jennifer said...

Thank goodness! I was having withdrawls!

Chelsa said...

i have missed your comments that i know i can always count on! glad you're back!
it's hard to imagine life w/ out the internet isn't it! when ours was down it was kind of crazy. i didn't realize how much stuff i look up on there or get off of it. we are spoiled :)