Friday, May 8, 2009

WOW- eee: part 3 Ayla

So the time as come that I have a two year old.... Oh my. I guess I can admit that it isn't as painful that I once thought this day would be. It has actually been really fun!
Ayla's party isn't for another week... so enjoy a couple fun pics. For now, just a few.

We made a pretty big even of Ayla's birthday. I took a cue from my friend Mandi and we blew up some balloons for the morning when she woke. Man, this was a hit! She seemed so surprised and excited. I don't think she even realized there was a gift too! I honestly could make a post solely on the "balloon effect" its like a high for toddlers! Maybe I will work on that. I have plenty of pictures of her rolling around in them, kicking, laughing, and playing with them to prove it.

We had heart shaped pancakes for breakfast.

Then went to visit Daddy & Papaw at work for lunch and a visit.
All that excitement wore both girls out!
We had a fun dinner and cupcakes to celebrate.

What a great day!

I only had a few minutes to post.... I now realize I added the photo with the Ayla in front of the bday girl.... Sorry, but its bedtime and no time to change it. Just laugh at me... silently please.

Ok that's enough...


Tara said...

Love the picture of them both wiped out - sleeping like babies! Happy Birthday to Ayla! I will have to remember the baloon idea

Chelsa said...

happy birthday ayla :)
looking forward to the balloon pics!

Brittany said...

The heart pancakes are so cute! Glad "I ya" had a great 2nd birthday!!! We can continue the celebration with some putt putt when we have some nice weekend weather.