Friday, May 15, 2009

Tummy Time, Birthdays, Weight loss

I thought it was supposed to all come back to me... you know important milestones and developmental tasks Im supposed to be helping my 2nd born achieve. Hmmm... I assume its time to start tummy time. I could be early or late, no need of correcting me. We've only done it a couple times, but she seems to like it. I think Ayla likes it more bc sissy is on the floor.

Not the first choice of place for my newborn while my toddler is 'toddling". But as I have said a thousand times Ayla is excellant with her sister. I have only a few times had to correct Ayla for being rough. She is usually very gentle and doesn't bother her too much!

Speaking of this big sister... I mentioned her birthday last week. I still can't believe we've got a 2 year old! Where does time go? We have been planning her big bash for a while now... a few glitches with a lot of family out of town, so it will be a little more low key than expected. But, still the coolest party on the block. How many 2 year olds do you know have their home overhauled for their party!? ha That's right, construction is slowly coming to an end. I type to the sweet sounds of "beeping" and digging of the concrete being poured for our new patio and driveway! (pictures later)

That birthday girl also got her crib turned into her "big girl bed". She has been sleeping great in it without skipping a beat! She hasn't tried to get out of it at all during sleep times. I don't have a picture of it all made up with her quilt but maybe Ill add that with the construction pics later.

I, too, had a birthday... yesterday. My husband took off work half day to take me and the girls to Evansville. We didnt do much, some low key shopping, car browsing, dinner, then home to see family. It was an amazing trip. Loved using my new double stroller and both girls were good!

On to the present... today was my final baby apt with Dr. F It went really well. I officially will be taking birth control again HA Funny, yet so true. I also had to step onto the dreaded scale again. I lost 22 lbs! Very cool knowing I had only gained 18 with Leah. Wahoo... ok, party is over for 2 reasons. One, because I have a long way to go and goal weights set. Realistically, bc I have a toddler and I like mac n cheese... and cookies..... and scoops and veggies too. Wow. I hope this ends well. The second reason party is over- my body is SO different. Woah. Regardless of losing weight nothing looks "quite right". I told someone the other day that its like things are in the wrong spot? Jen how do you look so good after 3? So, now I am free to exercise and I will do just that. Sorry no before pics at the moment... Im a little embarrassed. ha


Tara said...

So funny! I know just what you mean about things being out of place. It was a good 6-8 weeks before I felt things were shrinking back in. I too wonder what I will look like after 2 and maybe 3, and my goodness..... maybe 5!!! You'll probably lose more than you think just chasing Ayla around and taking care of 2!

Brookeanne said...

Happy Birthday to you! I'm with you in regards to the body thing! Congrats on already bouncing back so quickly... 22 pounds is amazing!!! Also, yea for pictures!!! The girls look gorgeous! I think Ayla looks like a regal princess sitting in her throne-like big girl bed :)!

Tera said...

Happy Birthday! I hope the party goes well. I forgot to tell you when I was there today...Braylee has a pink and green room and Brynna has a lavender room. ;) Congrats on the wt loss...I agree, it's definitely different after #2. I was back in regular jeans just a week after Braylee, but it took a bit longer (and still isn't normal) after Bryn.

Jennifer said...

Happy Birthday! ...and thanka for the nice compliment. Keep nursing, it will take it all off!

Chelsa said...

i hadn't read this post yet yesterday when i told you you looked good! that's funny i got on here now and was like "oh no, she probably thinks i was just saying that!" i really did mean it!

i have to agree that after #2 it's def. harder... probably b/c we're a couple years older and i know for myself i wasn't in as good of shape when i got pregnant w/ Andon as I was when I got pregnant w/ B.

Ayla's room is sooo cute! i love the colors. that's great that she is doing so good in her big girl bed! i love all the pics of the girls together. ayla looks like she is really enjoying being a big sis!! you had nothing to worry about!

Sorry this comment is super long!