Friday, May 22, 2009

Leah's First Friend

Leah has been long awaiting the birth of her first friend (her age) Abigail. Yesterday we went to visit Abbi twice. She is such a sweet baby. She seemed very content, had the sweetest buttery colored skin and just a little blonde hair. Im pretty sure our girls are going to be gorgeous. Or as Jeff's dad always says.... "Dad's get out your shot gun" eekk... I bet Jon actually owns one?!

Bri and I have been close for a long time. We were big & lil sis in high school on our dance team. We were silly. We sang (and weren't very good). We, of course, danced. We were best friends. Even in high school we talked of the day we would be 'Mommies'. We talked of being pregnant together.... and it actually happened! Sadly, we didn't get to spend more than a few moments together while both pregnant. But, hopefully we won't let distance get between our girls!

Congrats Jon & Bri! She is perfect!

We love you....


Jessie, Dusty, and Koen said...

I think it is so sweet that you and Bri are still bff's after all this time. That's pretty rare! You guys were def two peas in a pod...I'll never forget your matching outfits you wore to ALL our dance practices!!;) I still can't figure out how you guys had that many identical clothes.....Ha!Well, now your girls will be best friends too:) Too cute. Btw, Leah has grown sooo much since I last saw her!

Brittany said...

Oh Leah and Abigail look so cute beside each other. Meredith and Ayla and Leah and Abigail. I'm sure we will meet little Abigail someday for a playdate!

Sandy said...

Thanks for the compliments, it definately about did me in! Hopefully it's a start to something good though and will motivate me. Some people haven't lost all their baby weight like some have ;) hehe

Oh and Leah looks so big compared to her new little friend! Doesn't seem right!

Mrs. Davidson said...

i can't thank you enough for your friendship all of these years. neither time nor distance can diminish how special you are. i'm so glad our dreams of being mommies came true. i pray our girls will be as beautiful on the inside as they are out. and yes daddy does have a shot gun...and he knows how to use it :0)