Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Fight the Urge

I woke up this morning and had the urge to tell you all how nuts I am going with no sleep. My nighttime feeding woes and worries.... BUT then I read a couple of my friend's posts and they urged me to do something else. Something probably more theaputic.

We'll find out at least?

First, Jen urged us all to share our fave gourmet pizza recipes. And Boy do I have a good one. At least I think so. :) It was already on my meal plan for the week so you all will have to wait til I make that and I may share a couple pics while Im at it. Only because Jessie comments that she thinks Im some sort of a multi-tasking queen! ha

I also read Jessie's post on loving and lifting up her husband, Dusti. She then urged all of us wives to do the same. I want to echo this. I don't talk much about my husband on here, mainly because I wonder if he'll make me shut down this operation! But, I, no doubt have the BEST husband, friend, head of household, father of my children.... ever.

Jeff plays alot of roles around this house.

Husband.. he loves me unconditionally. Which I am sure that isn't easy with the hormones from pregnancy & nursing raging. But he never stops.

Provider... Jeff works hard to bring our family home a modest income. Enough to provide our basic needs and beyond, enough to share with others in need, and enough to allow me to stay home to raise our children.

Father... He is the best father. Hands on- all. the. time. He has rocked babies to sleep many nights, wiped countless noses and bottoms. Loves to play and read books. Is amazed daily by our daughters and give them the world!

Handy Man... I have found he can fix most things and our home is constantly challenging him

Follower of Christ... he not only is the spritual leader of our house he does his part to serve in our church often.

Babysitter... Jeff has never hesitated to watch the girls when I have practice or a break.

Chef... though since I am home he doesn't get called on so much, he can make a mean meal!

I think I could go on forever. He is my soulmate, the yin to my yang- whatever that means. :) All I know is my life is complete because he is apart of it! Now go on and brag on your man...

My urge to throw up all of my worries on this blog is gone, but I can't resist this urge to brag on my other favorites... my girls!

Don't try to fight the urge to oooh and ahhh... they are that cute! And Yes, Leah is getting some chub on her!


Jennifer said...

Ayla looks just like you in that 2nd picture and just like Jeff in the 3rd! Too cute! I love the matching outfits!

Sandy said...

MATCHING OUTFITS! Gosh you're going to have so much fun with that! Your kiddos are just so stinkin' cute. Having a wonderful husband and a great daddy makes life so much easier....sleepless days or not :)

Lauren said...

I love that matchy-matchy cute thing L and A have going on.

And Jeff sounds like a keeper :D

Brittany said...

Jeff is an awesome daddy and husband. You r all so blessed!

Amy, Shane, & Murph Dog said...

I love their outfits! A couple that I worked with at Best Buy just had their first child, a girl named Ayla as well. I thought I should share it for some reason. I can't wait to see your gourmet pizza!

Jessie, Dusty, and Koen said...

Yay! I knew I could count on you to brag about your hubby:) And btw, you're right, you are a multi-tasking queen!! If you are able to cook for your fam, photograph it, and post about it, you've done better balancing time than I have! I'm coming over for lessons..tomorrow..when I bring the diapers..:)

Ali Gish said...

Thanks for letting us come to play group yesterday! We had a great time (minus the extreme fit!) We will definitely come when we can and for sure when we move home!