Saturday, October 17, 2015

Owens take Destin

Fall break was quickly approaching for our kids and we were long overdue for an adventure.  I batted my eyelashes at my sweetie and asked him to take a day off so we could go on a long weekend.  Jeff surprised me by taking 2 days off.  We planned & booked the trip with 15 days until we would leave.

The beach is like medicine for me.
It heals me.

We had a fantastic place and gorgeous weather.  It was a little chilly in the am and pm.  But perfect, not-to-hot weather for spending our time out together during the day. We soaked up every moment of the sand.  Ate all our lunches out of the cooler.  Only going in to shower of the evening for dinner.

My attempt at pictures on the beach
It is always better in my head.
But still the beach makes anything look better!

I love this crew

My favorite picture of the weekend
Emilia loved her first vacation to the beach.  She fits right in with our sand loving babes.
She enjoyed being outside, watching the big kids play soccer and volleyball, napping and nursing by the waves, and snacking on her mat.

These girls loved going out of the sand bar
Exploring for treasures
Learning to volley with Daddy

Abe loves to dig and keep busy.
We hid Dinos to dig, ate ALOT of snacks, and explored for treasures

this boy

I can't wait to go back

Monday, October 12, 2015

Emilia Micah: 7 month

Emilia Micah: 7 months

Mommy's girl is full of infectious laughs this month
Loves to wave hi
You love being outside and it calms you
You love being with your siblings and light up when they come home from school
You have tried lots of new foods and haven't found anything you wouldn't eat
You are just starting to crawl

Saturday, October 10, 2015

1 year

One year ago we lost a great man.  My father in law Mike had a weak heart anatomically, but the strongest, sweetest heart for people.  I miss him daily.  I am thankful that he raised such a strong, loving boy that became my best friend.
We set out to the farm to celebrate Papaw.
We played on the land he loved.  Rode 4 wheelers.  Cooked out on the fire.  Fished.
It was perfect.  Exactly as he would have done himself.

This cross was made by Mike's brother.
It is placed very near to the scene of his heart attack.  He was on our land hosting a disabled person charity hunt.  He was doing what he loved.  Helping people and hunting. 
This is the first picture of all of the grandchildren.

We lit off lanterns at dusk.
We miss you Papaw.  It will be wonderful to see you again one day.