Saturday, October 10, 2015

1 year

One year ago we lost a great man.  My father in law Mike had a weak heart anatomically, but the strongest, sweetest heart for people.  I miss him daily.  I am thankful that he raised such a strong, loving boy that became my best friend.
We set out to the farm to celebrate Papaw.
We played on the land he loved.  Rode 4 wheelers.  Cooked out on the fire.  Fished.
It was perfect.  Exactly as he would have done himself.

This cross was made by Mike's brother.
It is placed very near to the scene of his heart attack.  He was on our land hosting a disabled person charity hunt.  He was doing what he loved.  Helping people and hunting. 
This is the first picture of all of the grandchildren.

We lit off lanterns at dusk.
We miss you Papaw.  It will be wonderful to see you again one day.

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