Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Sumer Lovin'

Enjoying our summer so far. Crossing things off our "summer bucket list"
Playdates at the splash park... check

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Gone Fishin'

Believe it or not, but this girly girl grew up fishing.  It is one of the fondest memories of my childhood.  I would assume Jeff would feel the same way.  Nowadays, I don't crave to go.  But it sure was fun to watch the girls dig in and get dirty.  And, of course, catch some fish!

Leah's first catch of the year.  She's too funny!

Handsome nephew Wyatt.  

Ayla was a pro.  She caught several that afternoon.

Thank goodness for Mamaw to help keep this boy corralled!

I know this looks awful.   But truth is he really wanted on!  Its just too cute not to post for memories.  He was making the "vroom vroom" sound until papaw started it up!

We are truly blessed with cool parents who love spending time with us.

Ended our afternoon out with a short boat ride with Uncle Greg.  
I hope we can always just be together and not need all the crazy electronics and whatnot to keep our kids happy!  Here's to a great summer together...

Manatees 2013

The Manatees wrapped up their season.
Leah's first season of soccer went well.  I found out she isn't too fond of soccer, but by the last game understood the rules and ran after the ball play well.  She wasn't hesitant at all, like Ay was her first time.  She scored 1 goal this year (for the other team) and got her feet on it a few other times.  Very proud!

Ayla was a little soccer star! 
Not one game passed where she didn't score multiple goals.  Her record, I believe, was 7 goals in one game.  Sheesh, she's ready to move up to the next level in the fall.  It was so good to see Ayla feel confident most games and excelling.  She is a tender, cautious sort.  My favorite memory was her helping an opponent off the ground and asking him if he was ok.  Thats what I want my kids to learn!

Nice job Manatees!

Starting Summer...

School is out.  
It's summer, right?
Why not break out the sprinkler.  Even if its only in the 70s.