Thursday, June 30, 2011

Travelers, We Are

I feel like this summer has been non-stop traveling.
Please do not assume I am complaining.
I am just tired of packing, unpacking, laundry... repeat.

We were back at our annual French Lick retreat last weekend.
And were lucky to share a couple days with friends.
Abby, Jake and their girls had a sleepover with us and it was SO good getting to know them more!

We kept ourselves busy with crafts, movies, arcades, lots of good food, swimming and bowling.

The Dad's were supposed to golf but we had bad weather. Lucky for us we got to all hang together.
The dad's bowled with the older girls while we window shopped.

Of course, swimming. LOTS. of. swimming. this summer!

The girls are quite the fishes and I think with lessons hopefully later this summer (or more likely fall) they will be swimming floaty free!

Ayla's confidence has grown leaps and bounds this year. Especially, in regards to the water!
We couldn't be more proud of both our girls.
Its fun to watch them mature lately in all areas.

Now, if we could just stand still for a few minutes I may appreciate it more! :)
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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Park Day

It had been a while since we went to park. Actually, we have been traveling so much and using our pool passes that we haven't been ALL summer. That is kinda strange for us, since we love the park and its so close to the house.

One gloomy day and off to the park. It was perfect.
This post isn't too exciting. Just a bunch of pics not alot of fluff. Sometimes thats my fave kind of post!

Flash Forward 14 yrs= scarrrry!

My sweet girl loving her park day. I promised her we wouldn't wait so long in btwn our next trip :)

We even saw friends there!

These two have been pals for a long time! Makes me wish Leah had a buddy, other than her sis, of course!

Lovin' our summer.
Here's to hoping it slows down a bit so we can savour these moments....
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Monday, June 27, 2011

Daviess Co Fair Booth

For the past few years our team has been lucky enough to have a spot at the fair. A good spot.
Its a covered booth. No set up, everything is there ready for us.

Our parents set up shop for the week and the dancers serve lots of yummy food to fair go-ers.
Its a good time, usually hot, and a long week. I love how hard my parents & dancers work! They truely rock!

Abby & I took our turn as coaches to work a shift.
We brought our older girls along for the day. Thankfully, they were pretty good.

We ate an amazing amount of food!
Lemon Shake Ups, Pronto Pup, Fish Sandwich, Elephant Ear, Caramel Apples, *sigh

PS. There was a robot-like transformer-ish type guy there.
The girls and I cracked UP! He was hitting on them... saying "hey pretty girl"
It was a good week...
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Friday, June 24, 2011


Ayla had been begging to go back to gymnastics and I kept repeating "after dance is over". Well, the day after dance was over she was asking again. I guess I put it off long enough. Now both girls are enrolled in classes.

Leah started her first class. Its the same 'Mommy & Me' type class that I did with Ayla at this age. She loved it! You are given several stations with instructions and the teachers is there to guide you through them. Leah listened well and waited her turn (for the most part). She liked hanging from the bars and jumping on the trampoline the most.

Ayla moved up into a class without Mommy. She listened really well and followed all instructions. I was really proud. Ayla is a bit hesitant about some tasks. Not "fearful" but bordering on it if I let her. We really encourage her to face things head on and its helped her come of it. She got to ring the bell for accomplishing a task for the first time. Jeff got to stay and watch the class so I missed it. But, I am sure she'll be ringing it again soon.

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Rounding out our trip to VA

See the purpose of this trip was to celebrate my cousin's impending graduation. The ceremony was on Monday, and though we missed it due to Jeff needing to be back at work, the trip was a success.

Mimi, Papaw, & Uncle Nick (my lil bro) made the drive down to and got to stay longer to see all the cool sites in DC!
Ayla got some snuggles from Mimi

My lil bro and dad pretending to have an intelligent conversation. Nick does this every time he knows I am taking a picture of him. It cracks me up. I will have to prove this to you with photgraphic evidence later.

Ben, the grad with his friends at the party. Ayla was so spoiled ha
They had this party in a rented room at a local sports restaurant. The food was SO good!

Ayla with my cousin Alex. We will have to do this drive again, bc next year is her turn!
(PS my other child was there, I swear.)

See there she is! Just hanging around ...
More proof of Leah at the party. All her animals lined up helping her eat 5 servings of macncheese... I wish I was lying, but that is what she ate. Oh, and some salad. Ha. It was pretty tasty stuff though, in her defense.

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Life 365: Fresh

Our Produce Patch is my fave place this time of year.
Right now we are eating watermelon usually twice a day.
For dinner the other night we had fresh beans, first sweet corn of the year, fresh asparagus, and cilantro chicken (made with cilantro from my herb garden). My favorite time of year.
I love knowing my kiddos are eating good, quality foods.
And I Love eating it! ha
Last night made fresh salsa with homegrown tomatoes and other stuff from garden.
For lunch we enjoyed my veggie pizza also made with all fresh ingredients.

Oh the joys of summer!
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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Happy Father's Day!

Its better late than never!
Since we were traveling on Father's Day I wasn't able to write how much the men in my life mean to me :)
And sadly, forgot to snap any pics of any of them.

Luckily, they don't care. They love me just the way I am... usually a little late (since having kids at least).

I have always been a daddy's girl. No one, in this world, in my eyes is cooler, better, faster, stronger, or smarter, than MY dad.
He taught me to be strong and stand up for myself, he taught me when to speak and when to not, he loved me even at my worst...
Now he is my girl's papaw. Which gives him a edge. My girls love him so much. He gives them hugs and rides on his lawn mower.

Jeff's dad is such a wonderful guy. He supports all his kids in any endevour. I am not sure what we would do without this help, advice, ideas, and organization. Most of all he Adores our girls. You would have never known he only had boys. Because the day the girls were born he was a natural. He would go to the ends of the earth for us.

I am lucky to have my grandpa around. He is so smart and sweet. Ayla often asks if she can see great- grandma & grandpa. She has always had a special connection with them. I spent most of my growing years with my grandparents. They let me stay the night, go camping, let me watch them cook amazing meals, etc. I feel so blessed that my kids get to know him and spend time with him!

Last but not least, Jeff. The father of my children. Bread-winner of the household. Our handy man.
My soul mate (or Prince as the girls say).
I am so glad God chose Jeff for me. He is more than I ever expected out of a husband. He is my best friend. He puts up with my sassiness and loves on the girls with all his might! He is such a wonderful father, always thinking of the girls first and himself last. I know I don't tell him enough but I appreciate everything he does for us So very much.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Road Trip....Why not?!

Wednesday night I re-started Leah's potty training. She took to it Amazingly!
She was definitely ready for it this time.

When I decided to take that plunge I had NO clue we would 'spur of the moment' plan a road trip to visit family in VA to celebrate my cousin's graduation.
But that is what we did.

No worries.
We went with the flow, so to speak.

Friday afternoon we took off on our first 11hr car ride!
Potty seat joined us-- and it was frequented.

Many pit stops to stretch our legs and potty breaks.

And this big sister is SUCH a wonderful traveler.
We couldn't be more proud of the two of those kiddos.

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Princesses on the Run...

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I feel myself always playing catch up on here. I remember when there was a time when blogging wasn't a chore. Not that keeping this gallery of our life and times is "a chore". It lately just seems so hard to find the time and energy to sit down and upload pics.... or wait TAKE THE PICS haha

Such is life, I guess.

We've been busy this summer. Its all good stuff.
But, honestly, I love the days where we stay in our pjs all day.

Craft at the table with crumbs still stuck on from breakfast.
Feeling accomplished by being somewhat unaccomplished.

But, that doesn't mean I should neglect documenting our memories on here.
So expect more from us soon....
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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Day at the Zoo with Uncle Mitch

The weather has calmed down and has been so pleasent.
The girls and I met up with Uncle Mitch, Megan, & Parker at the Mesker Park Zoo.

This was our first trip, but as you can see we had a fabulous time.

Watching the kids feed the girraffes was by far my favorite part of the day.

I love my big bro. He is such a free, fun daddy and loves on my girls!
He would do anything for them.

He even bought them rides on the bumper boats. (ps my kids don't know how to steer ha)
Ayla decided before we left that she would walk. This is new bc we always have our double stroller.
I borrowed a single from a friend with hesitance, but she did SO good.
She did not complain one time!

The day kept getting better and better and we can't wait to go back again.
Preferrably on a day like we had. So nice!

Leah is so animated and loves animals and asking questions right now.
She listened very well and followed directions which could go either way for her.
But we are so proud of the lil lady she is becoming!

It turned out to be such an awesome day!
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