Friday, June 3, 2011

Meet Gus

The time had finally arrived. Our new puppy Gus was ready to leave his 15 littermates.
Poor guy has had quite the shock. But has 2 little girls who love him dear.

We drove to Kentucky Wednesday eve to pick him up.
The girls tried to walk him before the long drive back.
But this poor pup had never even been in the grass so he was timid.
He did well on the drive, just a little car sick.

Leah really takes the lead with him.
She tells everyone "this is MY dog, really MY dog"
We try to redirect her saying its the family dog, but to her its HER's.

Mommy has a snuggler on her hands. Gus is SO sweet.

The next day was his first bath. He smelled like 15 dogs, and I only signed up for one.

Sweet boy did really well. Sat through his bath.
His personality is pretty submissive and docile.

Ayla loves to hold him and is a bit more laid back in her approach with him.

His first full day home was good. He has pottied well with only 1 accident and it was our fault bc we were misinterpretting his whimper.
We are crate training him and he loves his crate. He sleeps well in it during day and night.
He is figuring out the ground under his feet, he is a bit sensitive to different textures (grass to concrete).
Finally starting to play with the girls, loves chasing his ball.
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Tera said...

He's soo cute! He looks so calm.

Chelsa said...

What a cutie!!! I want one just like him :)