Thursday, June 30, 2011

Travelers, We Are

I feel like this summer has been non-stop traveling.
Please do not assume I am complaining.
I am just tired of packing, unpacking, laundry... repeat.

We were back at our annual French Lick retreat last weekend.
And were lucky to share a couple days with friends.
Abby, Jake and their girls had a sleepover with us and it was SO good getting to know them more!

We kept ourselves busy with crafts, movies, arcades, lots of good food, swimming and bowling.

The Dad's were supposed to golf but we had bad weather. Lucky for us we got to all hang together.
The dad's bowled with the older girls while we window shopped.

Of course, swimming. LOTS. of. swimming. this summer!

The girls are quite the fishes and I think with lessons hopefully later this summer (or more likely fall) they will be swimming floaty free!

Ayla's confidence has grown leaps and bounds this year. Especially, in regards to the water!
We couldn't be more proud of both our girls.
Its fun to watch them mature lately in all areas.

Now, if we could just stand still for a few minutes I may appreciate it more! :)
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Chelsa said...

yay! glad you had a fun weekend!

i think ayla's newfound confidence shows in all her smiles- she even LOOKS less shy :)