Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Day at the Zoo with Uncle Mitch

The weather has calmed down and has been so pleasent.
The girls and I met up with Uncle Mitch, Megan, & Parker at the Mesker Park Zoo.

This was our first trip, but as you can see we had a fabulous time.

Watching the kids feed the girraffes was by far my favorite part of the day.

I love my big bro. He is such a free, fun daddy and loves on my girls!
He would do anything for them.

He even bought them rides on the bumper boats. (ps my kids don't know how to steer ha)
Ayla decided before we left that she would walk. This is new bc we always have our double stroller.
I borrowed a single from a friend with hesitance, but she did SO good.
She did not complain one time!

The day kept getting better and better and we can't wait to go back again.
Preferrably on a day like we had. So nice!

Leah is so animated and loves animals and asking questions right now.
She listened very well and followed directions which could go either way for her.
But we are so proud of the lil lady she is becoming!

It turned out to be such an awesome day!
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Tera said...

It was such a nice day for the zoo! Ayla is growing up!

Ashley said...

I love going to the zoo!!! Nice days always make for a better time. Glad you got to spend some time with some family!

Chelsa said...

you had great weather! love the pictures!