Friday, June 24, 2011

Rounding out our trip to VA

See the purpose of this trip was to celebrate my cousin's impending graduation. The ceremony was on Monday, and though we missed it due to Jeff needing to be back at work, the trip was a success.

Mimi, Papaw, & Uncle Nick (my lil bro) made the drive down to and got to stay longer to see all the cool sites in DC!
Ayla got some snuggles from Mimi

My lil bro and dad pretending to have an intelligent conversation. Nick does this every time he knows I am taking a picture of him. It cracks me up. I will have to prove this to you with photgraphic evidence later.

Ben, the grad with his friends at the party. Ayla was so spoiled ha
They had this party in a rented room at a local sports restaurant. The food was SO good!

Ayla with my cousin Alex. We will have to do this drive again, bc next year is her turn!
(PS my other child was there, I swear.)

See there she is! Just hanging around ...
More proof of Leah at the party. All her animals lined up helping her eat 5 servings of macncheese... I wish I was lying, but that is what she ate. Oh, and some salad. Ha. It was pretty tasty stuff though, in her defense.

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