Friday, June 24, 2011


Ayla had been begging to go back to gymnastics and I kept repeating "after dance is over". Well, the day after dance was over she was asking again. I guess I put it off long enough. Now both girls are enrolled in classes.

Leah started her first class. Its the same 'Mommy & Me' type class that I did with Ayla at this age. She loved it! You are given several stations with instructions and the teachers is there to guide you through them. Leah listened well and waited her turn (for the most part). She liked hanging from the bars and jumping on the trampoline the most.

Ayla moved up into a class without Mommy. She listened really well and followed all instructions. I was really proud. Ayla is a bit hesitant about some tasks. Not "fearful" but bordering on it if I let her. We really encourage her to face things head on and its helped her come of it. She got to ring the bell for accomplishing a task for the first time. Jeff got to stay and watch the class so I missed it. But, I am sure she'll be ringing it again soon.

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Chelsa said...

fun times!
i need a girl!

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