Thursday, June 9, 2011

Life 365: Sleepy

Guess we've been pretty busy lately.
This is how I found Ayla the other day while I was making dinner.
It has been a Long, long time since she feel asleep on the couch!
One minute we were talking, the next I heard snoring.

Kinda hoping it rains a little for an excuse to slow down a bit.

Gus has been doing alot of this lately too.

PS. Gus had his shots today. 1 wk from bringing him home he has gained almost 2 lbs!!
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Beth said...

I can't believe we had to go just as everyone was arriving at the pool today! But we got there when it opened, and Theo was getting a little bratty. Do you guys eat lunch there when you go? We would love to arrange a meetup. So... I have tons to catch up on with your blog! The doggy has arrived! It seems to be going well from your posts/pics. We got Lucy exactly six years ago and she was the same size/age. It was a lot of work in the beginning, but she is a member of our family. Anyway, best wishes and enjoy! Let me know if you ever need a dogsitter :-)