Sunday, June 5, 2011

Summer Fun

Ayla is jumping off the diving board now!!
For those who know Ayla know this is a big deal. She is very timid.
It took some convincing that she'd like it, and we weren't joking :)
She loved it!

I do believe she'll be swimming alone by the end of the summer.
We hope to get some private lessons sometime.

ps. shout out to our neighbors who let us borrow their pool while they were out of town.
it helped us beat the heat!

Leah didn't feel the need to keep her suit on hehe

Kate was jumping too.
I have a feeling her mama holds her breath when she sees this!

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Shannon said...

Hi Courtney! Didn't recognize the pool til u mentioned it. Hope u get some good swim days in this summer and your puppy is adorable!