Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Park Day

It had been a while since we went to park. Actually, we have been traveling so much and using our pool passes that we haven't been ALL summer. That is kinda strange for us, since we love the park and its so close to the house.

One gloomy day and off to the park. It was perfect.
This post isn't too exciting. Just a bunch of pics not alot of fluff. Sometimes thats my fave kind of post!

Flash Forward 14 yrs= scarrrry!

My sweet girl loving her park day. I promised her we wouldn't wait so long in btwn our next trip :)

We even saw friends there!

These two have been pals for a long time! Makes me wish Leah had a buddy, other than her sis, of course!

Lovin' our summer.
Here's to hoping it slows down a bit so we can savour these moments....
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Jen said...

Glad we got to hang out with you that day!

Chelsa said...


summer is def. going toooo fast!