Monday, June 27, 2011

Daviess Co Fair Booth

For the past few years our team has been lucky enough to have a spot at the fair. A good spot.
Its a covered booth. No set up, everything is there ready for us.

Our parents set up shop for the week and the dancers serve lots of yummy food to fair go-ers.
Its a good time, usually hot, and a long week. I love how hard my parents & dancers work! They truely rock!

Abby & I took our turn as coaches to work a shift.
We brought our older girls along for the day. Thankfully, they were pretty good.

We ate an amazing amount of food!
Lemon Shake Ups, Pronto Pup, Fish Sandwich, Elephant Ear, Caramel Apples, *sigh

PS. There was a robot-like transformer-ish type guy there.
The girls and I cracked UP! He was hitting on them... saying "hey pretty girl"
It was a good week...
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Tasha said...

Your first picture is just DARLING!! Has summer written all over it! :) You are such a good little photographer!