Thursday, May 21, 2009

Summertime Fun

I always say the sweatier and dirtier you are when you come in for the day the better the day was. :) As we came in for nap today we all were definitely sweaty, dirty, and happy.

Poor Ayla is battling her allergies...again. But, I guess we are so used to it we try not to let it stop us. So today after getting up and moving (ps. Im getting way good at dressing, feeding, cuddling, etc 2 babies) we went to visit baby Abi. Oh man is she sweet... short cute legs, long beautiful toes. She reminded me a bit of my Leah. I can't wait to stop by again tonight. Im really excited that Leah and her will grow up together!

After our visit we had a quick lunch at Mi Pueblo with Mimi then off to the park we went. We walked for a long time. I was the one wearing flip flops & pushing my beast double stroller. All was great in the world. Two beautiful girls, big blue sky, bright shining sun, & one happy mama.

the beast

(if you look close you can see L's toes)

me & my little

A rewind to some fun summer-ness you may have missed:

in chronological order of course

This is what we wanted to call the last photo before Leah- we walked 3 mi while 5 cm dilated, pushing a stroller.... she was stubborn and WORTH the wait. Don't you dare tell Jeff, but it kinda makes me miss being pregnant!

Leah was able to be in baby dedication at church when she was only about a week old. We were so thankful that Jeff's brother & our SIL were home from Cincy. That chubby lil one is Ridge, isn't he perfect!?

This is from Ay's bday lunch w/ Daddy... I would like to add how HOT my hubby is to the things I love about him. :)

We were able to go roller skate at gma's gym. Ayla had to join in so we put her in the smallest pair which were HUGE! But she was pretty good. Someone tell me how to upload a video?!

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