Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Ayla & Leah's Puppy Party

This weekend marked two big days.
Ayla turning 4
Leah turning 2

Our puppy party was so much fun.
Such a crazy week that lead up to the big day.
But I am glad it came, and very glad its over! ha

A good time was had by all.. pizza, loads of sweets, great weather, lots of friends and family. What more could a couple girls ask for? We had a pinata and played pin the bow on the puppy. The weather was the best day we had in a long time. The girls were blessed beyond measure with gifts and cards and love. Thank you all SO much!

I can't express how blessed I feel to have my children surrounded by such wonderful family and friends. I know our girls will always have loving adults or peers around them :) Thank you to all who sent warm wishes and helped us celebrate another wonderful year with our girls!


Chelsa said...

looks like the girls had a blast :)

Tera said...

Oh I'm glad you had a sunny day! The bubble picture of Ayla is really cute!