Saturday, May 7, 2011

Ayla's first dance recital

Hopefully today was the start to many dance recitals in our future :)

A little stressful for me playing a couple differnt roles but it went well.
She was very funny. I didn't get to see her in first routine but Britt assured me she lifted her skirt and waved to the crowd ha.
During her second performance she did fine. I am kinda picky!
All the girls looked divine. Excuse my poor pics, I didn't have time to check settings- just snapped pics.

These two were from before we left. She was so proud of her curly hair and fancy digs.
We were so proud of her getting up there and enjoying herself.
Love you Ay!
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Beth said...

Hooray for a successful recital! I loved taking dance (even if I was horrible - just ask Brittany!). Not to say that Theo would never be in a dance recital, but I am a teensy bit jealous of the girl-mamas out there whose kids do dance class. Ayla was adorable! Happy Mothers' Day!

Jessie said...

Love me some cute ballerinas :) ayla looked adorable..great job with her hair!

Chelsa said...

She looks soooo precious!! Way to go Ay on getting up there and dancing :)

Jen said...

So adorable!! Sending prayers for Baby S