Saturday, May 7, 2011

Life 365: 120-123

Sunday: Jeff and I made a trip to eville to pick up some last minute recital stuff. And had a date. We absolutely stuffed ourselves. This is a cruddy cell phone pic of our fave restaurant with some goodies... we had sushi, fire scallops, terriyaki chicken, and I am drooling thinking about it..

Monday: My 1st two blog books came in.

They are beautiful, my picture is icky. Don't judge ha

This is exactly why I started blogging so long ago and what now will drive me to more content and continued posts! On to print 2010 and I'll be caught up.

Tuesday, I made the round trip to see a few good men and their mama.
I got so caught up in chatting and snacking with my gal pal.. I nearly forgot to snap a couple pics of this cutie. She made me a delicious salad with a ridiculous dressing. I mean, who makes their own dressing! YUM She was unscathed by having a forth boy in the house. Don't listen to her otherwise. She is a natural!
Jen makes the cutest dudes around and all come with very funny personalities,

each different from the other.
Nash wanted to snuggle the whole time, and I obliged :)

Wednesday we hung around and cleaned.
I heard "cheeeeeese" several times behind and me turned around to find this. Leah, the photog.
She was snapping pics of me, Ayla, and a few self portraits... I am guessing with a timer? ha
But really, its just my tripod she pulled out of the closet. ha

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