Monday, May 23, 2011

Life 365: Busy Life

This week was really busy.
Wrapping up alot of seasons. First up was dance.
This was Ay's first season of dance and she loved it (as you can see).

This is Ms Tori- the TA. She is wonderful!
Both of my girls really like her.
This year in dance Ayla has learned to listen to instruction, to follow and lead, basic ballet skills, & waiting in line.
Im hoping this is just the first of many dance classes. Though I will not push my love on her.
Just hope it grows in her, like it does me :)

This week was also her last soccer game. We let Ayla play even though she 'techincally" wasn't old enough.
Her age did show at times, but that was ok.
She had a good time and started to learn to play 'as a team'
Unfortunately, the rain really hurt us bc by the time season started we only had a few practices and then a bunch of make-up games to squeeze in. I hope next time we play she will get to understand the value of practice and learning skills.
But we had alot of laughs and she got to hang with her pal Lanie.
Which is always a plus!

I went up in the attic and pulled 3 totes of clothes to sell, plus a couple toys and a box of shoes.
Phew. I still have 1 tote left, but that is better than 3. I made about $175+
Plus got some good deals for my girls and a couple coats for the coat drive.

Our last dance recital!
It was a great show. I am tired thinking about it though! ha
These two need to be seperated at.all.times
Even though they were separated btw 2 lines and a few girls between them Ayla and Meredith STILL "air boxed" and
shimmied to their own beats! UGh. What to do!
I may have to post a video just to share the ridiculously cute/hilarious-ness of it all.

Sunday was my grandpa's 80th birthday party.... see next post.
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Chelsa said...

way to go at the yard sale! i'm in such a clearing out/selling mood it's killing me! ha!

you have to post the video of ay at the recital! too cute!

Beth said...

i agree - i want to see that video! glad you guys are having busy-fun! xoxo