Friday, November 6, 2009

Meet Parker

He is officially the busiest kid e.v.e.r!
His Mom, my sis-in-law wanted some pics as Christmas gifts for her family. It was hard. I always say my photog friends have a BIG job to do. You guys are awesome! But, I did get a couple. It was interesting. And a work out :)
I thought in honor of my mom's bday she'd like to see some pics of her first grandchild.
PS. Happy Birthday to Mimi (my mom). She is the BEST Mama ever, and one of my best friends :) Hope you have a great day Mom!


Chelsa said...

i love love love the one w/ his hat pulled down over his eyes!!!! such a boy!

Sandy said...

I love the one with the hat over his face too! great job Courtney, such a cutie pie! Love his hair ;) I honestly can't believe he's this old!