Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Baby Blues

Oh, she feels my heart with gladness!
PS. This weekend Leah started saying Mama, Dada, and Baba. So cute~
She also signs for milk and claps (with closed fists)
On another side note- Please say a quick prayer for my lil ones. Ayla started having usual upper respiratory symptoms yesterday with a slight fever. I called the MD, he saw her, and we checked for the flu. It came back negative, however I was not confident the tech swabbed her properly. Maybe its just me and I am a perfectionist as a nurse...? Anyways, I pray that it was truely negative but I don't know if you guys know there are a LOT of false negatives to the swab due to human error. Ok- end of my rank.
Story ends that we're here, ok, just want to be with our friends and family.
Not sick.
Not worrying it is more than a simple cold.
Hope you all are feeling good.

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The Gingerich Family said...

I hope Ayla gets feeling better and you are able to keep the sickies at bay. Take care of that sweet sweet family of yours.