Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

Wow. Thanksgiving this year was fast and furious. But, better than any other year Ever. I have 2 (count them two) beautiful, healthy girls. One, handsome awesome husband that lets me eat as much pie without ever questioning my motive.

Depite all the germs causing a nasty cold to my lil Leah. And eating too much. It was good. A highlight was Black Friday shopping with Jessie. We were gonna attempt midnight madness in Edinburgh, but lil Koen got sick so we settled for a quick am trip to Evansville. It was successful. Other than asking someone if she was pregnant when she wasn't. Ick. However, I got lots of stuff for Christmas and a couple things for myself.

Hope everyone else had a productive and wonderful holiday weekend.

Almost crawling all weekend! Today she started inchworming forward! Go Leah!

I have so much to update on that... honestly I forgot most of it. So you'll have to settle for some pictures instead. Probably more exciting?

The Showdown. Parker and Ayla on their trikes at Mimi & Papaws house. He looks like he is gonna ram her! Notice the sippy in her little basket. Just in case she gets parched.

Ayla and I put her very own tree on Saturday. She thought it was so cool. We had a talk about not disrupting the tree. And why we celebrate Christmas. I think she understands on her level. She keeps asking if its Jesus' birthday yet. So we're getting closer.

Ayla found some old stocking in the bins from my Christmas decorations. I guess she thought they were "real" stockings? ha


Brittany said...

I love the stocking photo!! haha! The Christmas tree is looking great. You have to tell me about asking that lady if she was prego. I know you already feel bad enough, but just in case you don't... someone asked me a couple of months back if I was, and I felt aweful about it for days. haha!! Ok really though this will make you feel better. I called a lady "sir" awhile back, and it was only after she answered me and looked me right in the eyes that I realized that it was a lady. Oppsy!

Chelsa said...

Oh my gosh- that's hilarious that you asked someone if they were prego... and they weren't! Yikes!

Love Ay's tree! B has a John Deere tree in his room (of course what else would he have? lol).

Glad you guys had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Jessie said...

I had to tell Dusty about your ahem...question..:) We both kept cracking up. That is SO something I would do. I had so much fun too! Just wish we could have made it to Edinburgh. Maybe next year!

P.S. Ayla looks cute in her new dress!

Leah Robinson said...

Adorable pics! I swear in that last picture with Ayla and the stockings...Alli Jo JUST did the same exact thing hahaha!! Priceless!! Oh and I love your header too!!