Friday, November 6, 2009

Update on the Sickies & Life

Well, I am happy to report we made it through another day. It definitely helped to read all the love and support from you blog Mommies! Thanks for that. Sleep is like chocolate around here... Im definitely craving it. With a teething baby, sick toddler, and wanting to have a little alone time I haven't found my way into bed too early lately. But, like I said we are pushing forward.

Ayla looked better yesterday. No more stridor, but cough was still yucky. And very irritable. Its hard to hear whining Honestly, Ayla gets repremanded if she whines for things (usually) because I think she is old enough to ask for something without crying/throwing a fit for it. Oh-but yesterday that was the only voice she had and I couldn't scold her. She looked pittiful. Im hoping today is a new day. She is chillin out in bed still. Cough didn't wake her up near as much as it did before! So its looking up.

We've got some major projects moving on around here. Working on giving most rooms a fresh coat of paint. Nothing new, just to refresh. Our basement is coming along quite nicely. Sorry I haven't taken a pic of it. The bathroom project I took on is actually almost done. Just need touch-ups, pretties on the walls, and Im crackling a cabinet. Hopefully that will be done this weekend.

So, the sickies are needing to go away now. We've had our fill. Time to move on to the next unsuspecting victim! Praying it won't be any of you!


Chelsa said...

I'd love to make you a tutu if you want one :)

I'm thinking you'd look pretty cute in one, haha :)

Glad Ay is doing a little better! I agree we've had enough of the sickies too :(

I'm craving that sleep as well. dumb RESTLESS LEG SYNDROME has caught up w/ me again :( boo!

Jessie said...

Glad that things are looking better your way! Look on the bright least you are home during the day and can sneak in a nap here and there!! Oh and I love your new header. Adorable!!

Brittany said...

Good to hear things are getting back to normal!

Lindsay Lynch said...

I absolutely love your new picture!! That is sooo awesome. What a cute fam.. My 2 boys had croup and bronchitis recently and it was miserable. It didn't last long and they were back to tearing up the house!! Glad you guys are on the mends! I will cross my fingers it stays that way for you guys.

Sonya said...

I LOVE your new picture header!! You have a beautiful family:)

Amy, Shane, & Murph Dog said...

I'm glad you all are starting to feel better. Sick babies is never fun because you just want to make them feel better 20x faster :( Also I'm loving all the new pics! this is the first blog of yours it's let me comment on in forever. I hope blogger isn't getting as many errors as facebook :(