Sunday, November 15, 2009

Leah Hope: 7 months

Leah is 7 months today? What... how did that happen? This month is flying by and with it bringing the holidays closer, faster. I love the holidays.

7 months is a fun, fun age! Leah is personality overload.

Leah is 15 lbs 7oz. Still wearing 6 month clothes- almost ready for 6-9mo. And size 3 diapers.
Leah is....
Pulling up on her knees and rocking back & forth.
Loves to eat. Very interested in table food. I will soon be introducing finger foods. Eats 1/2 jar of cereal & fruit in morning and again at night. Also one jar of veg at night. Munches on snacks during day like Baby Mummums, crackers, freeze dried apples (they are soft).
Has 2 teeth, but drooling and chewing on everything in site! I think more are on the way...
So very photogenic. Puts on the extra cheese when neccessary :)

Plays with toys well. Can entertain herself well. Loves to explore new things.

Loves watching big kids play! She squeals with delight when watching friends at playgroup, Ayla, or my nephews being silly.

Still a Mama's girl.

Signs consistantly for "milk" and sometimes for "eat". Currently working on "more".

PS. I am currently obsessed with taking holiday themed pics of my girls. But don't have time to edit them. Oh well. Hopefully I will eventually find a card worthy pic of I won't be sending Christmas cards out!

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