Friday, November 13, 2009

Slow Down

We have been a little too busy around our house. Too rushed, preoccupied, project oriented.... busy. Soon I will unfold the main reason why we have been caught up in all things home related. But, until then I just want you to know, I am SO ready to slow down.

I have had many times in my life felt that certain situations were prompts for me to stop and reconnect. These times remind me of what is most important. My relationship with my Heavenly Father and my family.

Wednesday night started normal for us. Dance practice, quick dinner, home projects, etc. Bedtime however is a constant in our house. We have our routine for both of our girls and it is probably the best family time we get. Once bedtime rolled around we dropped our stuff and went up. Unfortunately the 'hurriedness' was still there. Daddy miss-stepped and crashed into the exersaucer with Leah in hand. Leah slid out of his arms and went head first into the window molding and drywall. It was awful.

So awful.

Through her cries I tried to examine her as a nurse and not as a Mommy. She had a large abrasion on her head, but not open. Her limbs were limp and her cries were quieting. A couple points in time I watched her little eyes rolls back as if she was about to lose consciousness. OH MY. I scooped her back up and off we sped to the ER. Jeff was crushed. I almost think it hurt him more than it did her. I stayed in the back to keep her awake in the car. We got her in quickly and every minute we were there she was acting better.

Thank you Lord!

By the time we saw the ER doc she was great, just hungry. He was impressed by her signing for milk at her age. That's my girl. One CT scan later and we were out with one healthy baby, 2 scared parents, and a major need for slowing down.


Sonya said...

Oh my!! I'm so glad she was ok! I'm sure he did feel just as bad:( You have such a beautiful family:)

Chelsa said...

sooo thankful Miss Leah is okay! poor Jeff :( I'm sure it was awful for him!

Jessie said...

Oh scary. At least you were able to stay fairly calm. Fortunately we haven't had any major scares around here, I'm not sure how I could handle them. And you're right, when you are rushing around the house for whatever reason, it's easy to get off balance. Tell Jeff not to be too hard on himself. It could happen to anyone. So glad Leah is okay!

Brittany said...

I am so glad it wasn't worse. I was scared for you!

Tera said...

Glad to hear everything turned out ok. Poor Jeff, I'm sure it hurt him more than Leah.