Monday, October 17, 2011

Easy does it.

In desperate measures, I decided to unload my camera card (with 317 pics) on Jeff's work laptop. He's been kind enough to leave it with me most days, so I am not 'out of touch' with the world. In attempt to catch the blog up with my Life365 pics I am going to try to upload on blogger.

Easy does it. As to not overwhelm.

We thought it'd be funny to snap a fam pic as we all were decked out for the Colts one day. Gus gladly joined. But, I don't think he could see.

Ayla had another dentist check up. This time she went back all by herself without mama. That was more sad for me, I think. She did so good and Md gave her a good checkup!

I never thought Id be "that mom" who would put papers on the fridge, but ever since Ayla got into school its been really hard to resist!

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Jen said...

My. Fridge. Is. Covered!